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Is it better to take a meeting trip to Ukraine, or to bring a Ukrainian woman to your country for the first meeting?

Some men who do not have a lot of free time, or who are not used to travelling, sometimes ask us the following question: for meet these Ukrainian Russian women, is it not easier to bring them to France, rather than to make the dating trip to Ukraine ?

From the experience of our
marriage agency
since 2011, the answer is: no. It’s easier and more fruitful to make a meeting trip to Ukraine to meet several Ukrainian women, and then bring in the one with whom you have real affinities, see a nascent relationship, rather than bring in a woman with whom you had not actually met before.

Here are our more detailed explanations of this conclusion, which stems from 10 years of experience of our marriage agency.

Dating trip to Ukraine: No.1 advantage

First, serious Russian and Ukrainian women, who are looking for a life partner for family creation through a serious marriage agency, will rarely agree to come to a country they don’t know, to spend time with a man they’ve never met.

Dating sites with Russian and Ukrainian women are full of “professional travellers” whose goal is to spend the holidays for free, to travel abroad, without the aim of forging a lasting relationship leading to a marriage. So beware of
marriage agencies
dating sites
that offer you this Slavic women’s travel service for direct encounters on your territory.

Dating trip to Ukraine: advantage No.2

Second, even if you enjoy each other through correspondence, photos and video conferencing, there is no certainty that you will not be disappointed with each other at the actual meeting. Physically, by behavior, by the way of standing or other… At that moment, being disappointed as soon as your correspondent arrives Russian or Ukrainian at the airport or a few hours later, the Slavic woman in question and you yourself will have a bad stay, or will be led to advance her return, which is embarrassing, also, for both parties.

Dating trip to Ukraine: advantage No.3

Third, one rarely comes across his rare pearl from the first person presented. Even if our marriage agency does the scrupulous selection work for each client according to its criteria and those of the Ukrainian women in question, people who are theoretically compatible will not always have the feeling for each other, let alone feelings.

It may be that the Russian or Ukrainian woman in your life will be the third, or fifth, or even the 9th woman you’ll meet through the marriage agency. So it’s rare to come across the right person from the first meeting, even if it can sometimes happen, like in movies.

Bringing a Russian or Ukrainian woman for the first meeting?

It is for all these reasons that, through the experience of our marriage agency, which has existed for 10 years, it is not fruitful to organize the arrivals of several Ukrainian women in your country, before finding mutual love with the right person. Such a search leads to often futile expenses for all the plane tickets that are usually your responsibility, the great waste of time to receive them one after the other, and the embarrassment when it does not work, but when it is necessary to continue to assume the stay of the people you have invited.

At this rate, your search for a Slavic soulmate may last for years, cost you dearly, and see your expectations go up in smoke little by little after each incompatible visit.

It is so much simpler, more practical and truly fruitful to make a dating trip to Ukraine, meet 5-6 women following the prior exchanges – then bring to France the one with whom you get along best, in order to discover yourself more about your territory and in your living environment, which will be his, if you decide to stay together.

There will be fewer surprises, after the dating trip in Ukraine, to come across incompatible people, because you will already know each other in real life. Moreover, if, by bad luck, the relationship with the Ukrainian woman you will bring following your meeting trip to Kharkov did not work, nothing prevents you from bringing another Ukrainian woman whom you would have already met in Kharkov, and with whom you would be having contact.

Organization of dating trips to Ukraine with our marriage agency

All our formulas provide for the number of unlimited meetings during your dating trip to Ukraine, which is detailed in the “Services and Rates” tab and what is explained in the video explaining our formulas.

There is no need for a visa for EU nationals to make a meeting trip to Ukraine; unlike Russia, for example, which requires a tourist visa. The trip to Kharkov lasts only a few hours, as Ukraine is in Eastern Europe. Making a dating trip to Ukraine is simple and enjoyable with our marriage agency.

And above all, this process gives you a real chance to find love in the conditions of comfort and reliability.