Why Slavic women are looking for husbands abroad

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There is a real shortage of marriageable men in the former Soviet Union. This is why large numbers of women with all of the qualities that a man might look for find themselves single. Don’t be surprised to see women in our marriage agency’s database who are so pretty and well-educated, and who work in interesting professions. This is not a scam. There are real single women in Kharkov who want to meet a European woman and build a family. And we know each and every one of them. Incredible but true? Read on to learn more!

Our agency’s Ukrainian ladies consider each of their candidates with care. They usually do not have preconceptions about the age, profession, marital status or place of residence of their future partners: those criteria, they think about on a case-by-case basis. So don’t hesitate to meet them!

At any rate, if they are registered with our agency, that means they are prepared to relocate to Europe and build a family based on trust, respect and fidelity.

Slavic women are looking west for husbands

The demography is clear: in Ukraine there are 115 women for every 100 men. And of those 100 men, only half of them are truly able to adapt to new living conditions and offer their families at least a minimum of comfort, in societies that have lost their bearings in the aftermath of the break-up of the Soviet Union.

In addition to these men’s difficulties adapting to the adversity that is at the heart of a society that is in constant flux, many of them drink to excess and show little consideration for women. Alcoholism has led some men to violent behaviours.

Lastly the low life expectancy of Ukrainian men (62 years) is an additional factor motivating Slavic women to look west (by way of comparison, the life expectancy among men in France is 78 years).

The end result is that there is roughly 1 decent man for every 3 women looking for a serious relationship.

In short, Russian and Ukrainian women who want to establish a stable relationship, or even a family, are having terrible difficulties in doing so. They are looking for men who possess the following qualities:

Not an alcoholic

Able to financially support a family (even taking account of the widespread economic difficulties in those countries)

A personality that is compatible with a relationship (no violence or excessively “macho” behaviour, respectful toward women)

A “normal” physique (it is easy to observe that beauty is unequally divided between the sexes in those countries)

Unattached (no wife or serious girlfriend)

Faithful and prepared to make an emotional commitment to just one women

For all of these reasons, thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women with all of the qualities needed to build a happy family are confronted with the shortage of men in their country. Some of them are bound to stay single.

And so, despite certain preconceptions, they do not want to meet a foreign man as a way to escape from poverty, flee their country’s economic problems or find a wealthy man (although, unfortunately, these may in some instances be their sole motivation); instead, they truly want to start a family with a respectful, genuine companion.