Your Ukrainian marriage agency:
What sets us apart


Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage of our agency are real and motivated


Our marriage agency offers each of our clients a personalized, quality service. What makes us different is, first and foremost, OUR FULL KNOWLEDGE of all Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage of our agency, which is unique in international marriage field. Our outstanding personal customer service was object of several highly reputated TV programs broadcasted in France on such public and private channels as France 2, M6 and NRJ12.

We work with just one country (Ukraine) and jusy city (Kharkov)

Why did we make this choice ?

LOCALIZED SERVICE for our clients: all of our members live in Kharkov.

All the beautiful Slavic women in our dating agency live in the city of Kharkov. So, once you arrive in Kharkov, you will be able to meet several Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage (as the city is populated half by Ukrainians and Russians) without having to make any additional trips. Please note that Kharkov is the second largest city by economic and cultural importance after Kiev, the capital. You will therefore not be disappointed in terms of tourism.

We remind you that to travel to Ukraine, European citizens do not need a visa; Ukrainian women do not need a visa to come to Europe either. This is not the case with Russia, where obtaining a visa is essential to travel in both directions.


WE PERSONALLY KNOW all the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women on our site.

The head of the agency, Kateryna Baratova, travels regularly to Kharkov , her hometown, to meet with her Ukrainian members.

This knowledge of our members allows us to guarantee targeted connections, because we know the social and intellectual levels, the character, the tastes, the requirements, the way of life and the projects of each one.

We made the choice to collaborate with a single partner and a single city, and thus to know all our Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage, rather than to disperse us on several cities, even several countries of Eastern Europe.

On the occasion of their registration, our members come personally to our office in Kharkov. Our Ukrainian collaborators then verify the authenticity of their photos (or take them themselves in their own studio), the personal information they submit to us, as well as their motivation to find a suitable foreign husband.

For targeted meetings with a Ukrainian woman

Personalized and tailor-made support for each client


No registration and no online payment are required, we only communicate by direct contact in order to create a bond of trust.

Our telephone discussions (or, possibly, videoconferences by Skype or Whatsapp) are intended to get to know each other, to better understand your expectations and to define the profile of the Slavic woman you are looking for.

We will be present and listening to your wishes throughout our collaboration on the road to your happiness with a Russian or Ukrainian woman from Kharkov.


Our 3 formulas are all-inclusive.

Unlike other agencies which charge in addition to membership for sending emails, sending additional photos, translations of your correspondence, organization of stays, etc., our packages include an unlimited number of correspondence, meetings, the organization of an unlimited number of trips, etc. What we want most is to do the effective work together so that couples can form and find happiness.


We are not a dating site but a marriage agency.

You are in direct contact with the head of the agency throughout your research. Nothing is done through the site in a robotic manner.

We do not sell contact details of young women (resulting in a few messages exchanged without follow-up), but we follow each connection from the correspondence to the actual meeting. For example, if a client has 6 penpals, during his trip to Kharkov we assure him the 6 meetings with these penpals.

After having corresponded with various young women of your choice from whom you have received information allowing you to make your choices; or after having chosen to meet several young women directly (see “ Services and Prices ” section), the next step will be to go to Ukraine. When you decide to come to Kharkov, we will be there with you from the moment you arrive to provide all the assistance you need to make your trip romantic, enjoyable and easy.

Our marriage agency can take care of the formalities and the preparation of your future wife for life in France. We do not limit ourselves to a first contact, but we can assist you in all the administrative procedures thereafter.


All of the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women featured on our dating site are real, sincere and motivated.

WE KNOW THEM ALL PERSONALLY and we can give you precise information about their past, their projects, their personality and their criteria for the partner they are looking for.

Our dating site database does not have thousands of Slavic women as our goal is to aim for quality over quantity.

We do not register all the candidates who come to our office in Kharkov, but we select them based on several criteria such as physical beauty, morality, education, ability to adapt to life in foreigner, and especially the sincerity of their wish to build a stable couple with a foreign man. All the beautiful Slavic women on our dating site live in the city of Kharkov.

Beware of many dating sites featuring thousands of young women: these are listings and beautiful photos that can be bought on the internet, but most of this data is outdated and unreliable (it turns out often many of all the pretty girls in these files are either already married or don’t exist).

Is it complicated to go to Ukraine to meet Russian and Ukrainian women ?


It is important to note that citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to travel to Ukraine. Since June 2017, Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to come to Europe either. It is therefore much easier to travel between Europe and Ukraine than between Europe and Russia. No administrative constraints in both directions! And the trip only lasts a few hours. Your visit to meet women in Kharkov will be enjoyable and fruitful, all for a moderate price.