Your dating trip to Ukraine

Your dating trip to Ukraine is the most important moment in your search

Your trip to Kharkov, Ukrainian women

On a practical level, it is easy for any European national to go to Ukraine : unlike Russia, Ukrainian law allows travel to Ukraine without a visa for a period of no more than 90 days per semester.

You are taken care of as soon as you arrive at the airport: you organise your airport transfer and accommodation; The interpreter picks you up for each appointment. you meet our beautiful Ukrainian members according to the schedule you received before your departure. You are accompanied from the beginning until the end of your stay.

You can move on to the stage of your romantic journey to Kharkov at different times of our collaboration

either as a result of correspondence with several members, or to meet a specific member of your choice; it is also possible to choose to make this trip, in the first step, to meet some candidates who would agree to this meeting, before then continuing your relations with one or more of them outside our framework (since you will, of course, be free to exchange your contact information with all the women you have met, if you will) ; or travel several times during your contract(see our“Services and Rates”section).

We’ll think about all the elements of your trip except airfares (and even then we’ll be happy to give you some tips based on our experience).

Meetings with eastern women in Kharkov
Encounters with beautiful Slavic women in Kharkov
Meetings with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls in Kharkov

Organization of your dating trip to Ukraine and related services :

  • Your transfer from the airport to your return accommodation
  • Accommodation in an apartment with all the necessary comforts in the heart of the city. Please note that accommodation in a hotel is also possible, but 100% of our members opt for accommodation in an apartment as this saves at least 30% of the costs. It’s up to you!

We can accommodate you either in one of our contemporary comfortable apartments, or in a luxury apartment with Jacuzzi, or other typical amenities. Our hosting capabilities and our network of personal knowledge on site allow us to provide you with these services at moderate prices.

The essentials: we organize your program chosen by you and the trip, including:

  • Organization of your meetings with the candidate of your choice: either in the premises of one of our partners in Kharkov, or in a more friendly environment (a café, a restaurant)
  • Organization on the spot of meetings with additional candidates, if, by bad luck, the “feeling” is not at the rendezvous with the one for which you made the trip
  • Translations with an interpreter, if necessary, of your appointments with each member. The interpreter will also ensure communication between you and our partner agency during your stay
  • There is no shortage of
    guided tours, outings and other entertainment
    in Kharkov!

In short, you will never feel alone, and we will be available at all times to provide you with the necessary help and assistance at every moment of your stay.

Rest assured: there will be no “surprises” on site because we will organize your stay together beforehand: the cost is known in advance (see the tab “Services and Rates”), and the schedule of your appointments is communicated to you several days before your departure.