Video testimonials of clients who married the women of Ukraine
thanks to the agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Testimony of Vincent and Valentina – Part 3 (a couple who met, got married, and had a baby in 2020) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

We have already seen the testimonies of this couple born during the first confinement (Parts 1 and 2 of their testimony were made in May 2020). We meet Valentina and Vincent 7 months later, just before Christmas 2020, in their apartment near Gap. The year COVID changed their lives. They met in February 2020, became inseparable during the first confinement, they married in June 2020, and they are waiting for a happy event! Valentina is definitely settled in France with her son Bogdan who tells us about his beginnings at the French college.

Testimony of Francis and Karina (French-Ukrainian couple living in Périgord: 6 years of marriage, 2 children) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

One of the first couples of the agency Au Coeur de l’Est agreed to testify about their meeting and their beautiful history. Francis and Karina met in 2012 and married in 2014. Parents filled with two children aged 5 years and 3 months, they live in Périgord, in the middle of the countryside. Francis explains his journey to his Ukrainian half; Karina shares her impressions of her move to France and her adaptation. This couple lives in a small village and raises their children in love and harmony.

Testimony of Vincent and Valentina – Part 1 (a love born during confinement) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Their love was confirmed and grew thanks to the containment due to the Coronavirus outbreak :)! While they barely knew each other, on March 12 Valentina came to France, to visit Vincent for 5 days. A big unforeseen event: his visit did not last 5 days, but, on the face of it, the whole life :). It was on the 3rd day of her visit that the borders were closed, she was unable to return to Ukraine, and she found herself confined with Vincent. They are out of confinement inseparable, and they plan to marry quickly. They no longer see themselves living without each other.

Testimony of Vincent and Valentina – Part 2 (marriage planned following confinement) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

In the second part of the interview of this beautiful Franco-Ukrainian couple, Vincent and Valentina explain the magic of their first romantic meeting in Kharkov, and their plans for the future that have matured since then. Valentina also explains why she decided to meet a French man, which had disappointed her in the men of Ukraine, and what he won for him at Vincent. Vincent tells us about his shared happiness in building a real family with his beautiful Ukrainian Valentina. For them, everything went very fast, and they are happy about it.

Testimony of Stéphane and Julia (a mutual love at first meeting) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

The meeting of Stéphane and Julia in Kharkiv was a mutual love at first sight, which does not happen every day in the context of the meetings organized, given a wide choice of suitors for each and every one. As a couple for a year now, they make the steps in view of the marriage. They explain their experience with our agency, their previous unfinished encounters and the magic of their union; and all the steps that led them to living together.

Testimony of Jean-Claude and Yana (a successful businessman; a Ukrainian housewife) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Jean-Claude made several trips to Ukraine before meeting the woman of his life, the beautiful Ukrainian Yana. Jean-Claude’s children are adults and independent. He’s been successful in his career and his life. He wasn’t looking for a professionally ambitious woman, he was just looking for a woman in love and available. They’re a couple who enjoy life! Yana’s daughter stayed in Ukraine to continue her studies.

Testimony of Julien and Viktoria (a young couple; Ukrainian woman who came to France with her daughter) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

A beautiful Ukrainian Viktoria and Julien, a young executive from Lyon, both in their thirties, met four years ago thanks to the marriage agency Au Coeur de l’Est. They married a year after they met in Ukraine.
We go to the home of the young Franco-Ukrainian couple who have been living in France for 3 years to collect their testimony of their beautiful love story and the successful integration of the beautiful Slavic woman in France.

Testimony of Franck and Lilya (a meeting that did not work) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Unlike other marriage agencies and dating sites that display only the testimonies of successful meetings, our agency Au Coeur de l’Est, despite its high success rate, puts the reality online: of course, not all relationships prove fruitful…. We invite you to follow the meeting of Franck, a former high-level sportsman, with Lilya, a beautiful Ukrainian in her twenties.

Testimony of Jacques and Angélika (a mature couple; both with adult and independent children) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Angélika, a pretty Ukrainian woman and Jacques, an insurance business manager in Marseille, married almost two years ago following their approach to the marriage agency Au Coeur de l’Est. Jacques took a long time to find his soulmate from the east, this former client recounts his journey of encounters in Ukraine. He also shares his life experience with Slavic women, since his former wife was also from the East (Russian). Today Jacques and Angélika, this mature Franco-Ukrainian couple, testifies about their new life together with the 2 years of the life together in France.

Testimony of Laurent and Tatyana (a child born of this union is now 5 years old; Tanya is a successful businesswoman) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Tatiana, a beautiful Ukrainian woman and Laurent, an entrepreneur from Paris, have been married for 6 years. Kateryna Baratova, the director of The Ukrainian Marriage Agency In the Heart of the East, visits them seven years after their meeting in Kharkov, Ukraine. Laurent testifies to his 7-year experience of living together with a Ukrainian woman. And Tanya shares the impressions about her integration in France. Discover the video testimony of this Franco-Ukrainian couple united for 7 years.

Testimony of Marc and Yana (a child born from this union at the age of 4; very beautiful couple born under the cameras of France 2) – dating agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Marc and Yana currently live in Thailand and have a 4-year-old son. We filmed all three of them, with their adorable son Alex, 5 years after they met under the cameras of France 2. Indeed, they were the subject of a TV report “Le Journal de 13.15” presented by Laurent Delahousse, in which we follow Marc’s approach to the agency Au Coeur de l’Est, his trip to Kharkov, and his meeting with Yana. In the second report “The Diary of 13.15” presented by Marie Drucker, and shot 1 year after the first, Yana waits for the happy event and the couple settles down together.