Kharkov, a city in Ukraine known for its beautiful Slavic ladies

Kharkov, a city known for its beautiful women

Kharkov (Russian version, more commonly used in French and English) or Kharkiv (Ukrainian version), is located in northeastern Ukraine, 413 km southeast of Kiev. Beautiful Slavic ladies of Kharkov are ofter of mixed Slavic origins, mainly Russian and Ukrainian.

Kharkov is The second largest city in Ukraine and is also a major cultural, scientific and educational centre in the country. In addition, it is an important industrial centre. Kharkov has a population of about 1.5 million, and it was the first capital of Soviet Ukraine from 1917 to 1934.

Kharkov, compared to Kiev, is a very quiet Ukrainian city. It is for this reason that it is particularly appreciated by visitors to the city. You don’t risk much, at least less than in the big European metropolises.

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Encounters with beautiful Slavic women in Kharkov
Meetings with eastern women in Kharkov

In Soviet times Kharkov was the third university centre in the former USSR after Moscow and St Petersburg. It is for this reason that we can still meet in the streets many beautiful Slavic ladies of excellent education. Many of them are young.

The population of Kharkov is mainly 50% Russian and 50% Ukrainian, not to mention some minorities from other former republics of the former USSR. Russian is the language of origin of almost the entire population. The mentality is more Ukrainian than Russian, and therefore closer to Western culture.

Kharkov is a multinational, multi-faith city. There are beautiful Orthodox churches (the Monastery of the Intercession, the Cathedral of the Annunciation),the Catholic Church of the Dormition, a synagogue. There are 40 churches and 3 active monasteries in Kharkov. The seminary was reopened in 1996, and 29 Sunday schools are running.

Kharkov has a weak continental climate. The winters are quite cold and the summers are hot. Snow covers the ground an average of 92 days a year. Precipitation is moderate and fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with summer being the most watered season.

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In this big city full of beautiful Slavic ladies you can find almost all types of restaurants in the city centre, from Italian pizzerias to Japanese sushi and American fast-food chains. But to make it a little more local, stop by a popular restaurant to swallow a Borsch soup made from beets, taste blinis, kinds of Breton pancakes with meat and syrniki, these patties with white cheese, grapes and fresh cream.

You will find modern European-level leisure centres that include restaurants, casinos, bowling alleys and billiards, and discos, as well as trendy cafes with good food, pleasant atmosphere, live music from DJ concerts.

To relax, there are many SPAs (including Russian saunas called “banyas”), an aquapark, an ice rink, and even a delphinarium.

You can visit many theatres, the Philharmonie, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Nature or the Historical Museum.

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