Why your should meet a Slavic woman

What are the qualities of a Slavic woman? Why marry an Eastern woman? Meet the Women in the Heart of the East

The ordeals traversed by Slavic women in the former Soviet bloc during the recent social and cultural upheavals have made them braver and more resourceful and fostered their adaptability. Despite all these changes, they retain their attachment to the real human values – particularly family values – that are characteristic of Slavic women.

Their partners physical appearance and age are often less important to Slavic women than to women in the rest of Europe. They focus more on a partners personality, character, experience and, above all, moral values. Attentive wives and partners, Russian and Ukrainian women are still natural and simple, which is what makes them so extraordinary and in such high demand by men the world over!

Our Ukrainian ladies consider each candidate individually. Generally speaking, they are unlikely to be put off by their future partners age, profession, marital status or region of residence. One thing is clear: they are registered with our marriage agency to find their other half abroad. And they are prepared to start a new family in a new country.

Crucial human qualities

For the majority of Slavic women, getting married and having a family are necessary parts of being a woman. They have retained a sense of family values and devote themselves to their husbands and children, while still managing to reconcile their careers. Because they have little interest in the excesses of Western feminism, Russian and Ukrainian women place their personal priorities on their femininity and a successful emotional life.

For Russian and Ukrainian women, even a successful career would not make their lives complete without a husband and children. Given the current demographic situation (1 man prepared to start a family for every 3 women), some of them now consider looking for a partner abroad to be a feasible course of action. Today, many of these women dream of meeting their true love abroad.

Russian and Ukrainian women are well-educated and often have interesting jobs (which are unfortunately rarely well-paid, though).

The beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women that we can introduce to you are selected from a large number of applicants, based on a variety of criteria including natural physical beauty, education, charm, morals and the ability to live abroad.

Our marriage agency‘s Ukrainian ladies consider each of their candidates with care. They usually do not have preconceptions about the age, profession, marital status or place of residence of their future partners: those criteria, they think about on a case-by-case basis.