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Marriage agencies and serious and reliable dating sites: how to recognize them?

Seeking love through marriage agencies and dating sites has become common in the modern world where fewer and fewer encounters occur naturally or by chance.

Men attracted by the beauty, values and mentality of eastern women have a wide range of proposals for international meetings. How can we recognize matrimonial agencies and reliable dating sites in this scammed jungle?

Some marriage agencies try to distinguish themselves not by the quality of their work, much less by the results of their relationships, but by the criticism and defamation of serious and reputable marriage agencies. Otherwise these dubious marriage agencies would have no content to display. Therefore, defamation and unfair competition are their only means of communication, for lack of the impossibility of displaying their own professional results.

Other marriage agencies and dating sites identify themselves as anti-scam activists, while blacklists of dating scammers are easily found on the websites of specialized anti-scam agencies. Again, this choice of means of communication is a diversion from the efficiency of their operation and to the concrete results in terms of presentations, training of couples and marriages.

Marriage agencies and reliable dating sites highlight the results of their relationships

You will find 5 types of customer testimonials on the website of our marriage agency In the Heart of the East,which speak for themselves about our daily work and our results in the field of creating couples with beautiful Ukrainian women. We are convinced that this concrete communication is more relevant than general or dodging controversies.

Video testimonials from our clients on dating stays in Ukraine that show how romantic trips to Ukraine take place and the meetings of our guests on site. In our videos you will witness the meetings of some clients who have agreed to be filmed, of different ages and professional categories. Some testimonials take place over several months, so you can follow the evolution of these futures.

Video testimonials of couples formed by our agency that show several recently or long-term married couples thanks to our marriage agency. These couples explain their approach to find love through our marriage agency,their meet,their new family life, and the birth of their children. These testimonies also highlight the integration of Ukrainian women over time.

TV reports dedicated to our agency (including the newspaper of 13.15 on France, M6 and NRJ12) that confirm the notoriety and reputation of our marriage agency registered in time. Many of our clients have agreed to be followed by television cameras as they approach. Some of these television reports, notably those of France 2, were filmed over the course of a year, and show the first encounters,the formation of Franco-Ukrainian couples, and what they became a year later.

Testimonials and thanks with photos of our couples: a classic section that can be found in all marriage agencies and dating sites with photos and testimonials of happy couples.

Our customers’ continuous impressions of their stays from Ukraine: we allow our current customers and all those who are interested in the business of our Marriage agency In the Heart of the East to follow “live” the impressions of our clients who write to us from Kharkiv to share each step of their romantic stays and their Ukrainian meetings.

All of these topics are updated regularly. This allows you to delve into the heart of our daily work and follow its results from day to day.

The reliability of the files of members of marriage agencies and serious dating sites

We work with the only city(Kharkiv)where the head of the agency visits several times a year to meet all Ukrainian members. We therefore aim for the quality and control of our women’s files rather than quantity without the perfect knowledge of each profile.

Therefore, we know all our members personally (besides we have about 300 and not thousands), especially we know their characters, their personalities, their social and intellectual environment, their requirements, etc.

In Kharkov, beautiful Ukrainian women registered with our dating agency are run on a daily basis by our long-time local partners. We help each client to target the profiles that best suit them and ensure that relationships are followed and compatible.

The personalized service that rarely exists in marriage agencies and is not applicable to dating sites

The head of the agency does the work of the selection tailored to each client, according to his profile. This is different from automated marriage agencies, not to mention dating sites,which allow you to select profiles by clicking on the photos, without a competent intermediary, responsible and present, at the almost certain risk of discovering outdated or incompatible profiles.

The main part of our work is to make the link between the profile and the criteria of each client, and those of the women in question. Failures are often due to the fact that what you represent yourself is not in line with what you are looking for in your future partner. These two essential elements must be correlated and harmonious.

Transparency of marriage agency rates and reliable dating sites

By adhering to the majority ofmarriage agencies you do not know how much the process will cost you, because after paying the registration fee, you are forced to pay to correspond, to chat with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women by paying for time spent online, to access photos, for each translation, for each meeting. Not to mention the a la carte packages where the majority of services are extra and therefore paid for.

All our prices are posted on the website on the Services and Ratespage. Each of our 3 packages includes all services in an unlimited way.

The operation of our matrimonial agency and our formulas are not only detailed on the site, but also explained in video:

Explanation of how our agency works

Explanation of our formulas

Of course, our work is based on the personal relationship with each client. Therefore, we are at your disposal to give you more details and answer your questions at your convenience by phone, video-conference, well during a meeting. Don’t hesitate to contact us.