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Is it possible to find love in Ukraine at the time of Coronavirus with our marriage agency in France?

Our marriage agency in France Au coeur de l'Est helps you find love in Ukraine at the time of the Covid
Our marriage agency in France Au coeur de l'Est helps you find love in Ukraine at the time of the Covid

The rapid spread of coronavirus around the world has become a global challenge and has been part of our new reality for almost a year. But life, especially the plans of singles to find love, do not stop at this challenge.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, our marriage agency in France has trained some forty couples, despite some constraints related to travel; we celebrated a dozen marriages, despite the current administrative slowness; and 4 children have been born from our Franco-Ukrainian unions since April 2020.

Of course, the video testimonials and photo testimonials of our recent couples that you see on our site represent only a small part of all our successes. For the most part our couples prefer to remain anonymous and not expose their faces and identities.

Our marriage agency in France Au coeur de l’Est continues to organise meeting trips to Ukraine during Covid

We have never stopped organising our clients’ meeting trips to Kharkov since the beginning of the epidemic.

♥ Vincent and Valentina’s Testimony (they met, got married, and had a baby in 2020: 100% COVID couple)

Our marriage agency in France adapts to every stage of the evolution of the health situation,ensures the contact with our beautiful Ukrainian members and organizes meeting trips to Kharkov. We also assist our Franco-Ukrainian couples afterwards.

Travel between France (as well as Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, the French-speaking countries with which we mainly work) and Ukraine are possible, even during periods of respective confinement in Europe and/or Ukraine. Fortunately, Ukraine is not one of the countries that requires travellers to quarantine.

Entry to Ukraine is allowed to foreigners, by means of a recent negative PCR Covid 19 test, simply.

View video testimonials from our clients of different ages, backgrounds and socio-professional backgrounds about their dating trips to Kharkov during Covid and on the rest of their relationships (these videos were all shot between August 2020 and today):

♥ Video Testimonials on Dating Stays in Ukraine at Coronavirus Time

The Ukrainian local partners of our matrimonial agency in France adapt to the health rules on the spot as they evolve and manage to carry out each client’s appointment programme.

You can see for yourself the continuity of the organization of dating trips by following the constant feedback of our clients since their stays in Kharkov. And also note that these relationships often lead to the creation of stable unions and marriages:

♥ Our clients’ news continuously from Ukraine during their meetings

♥ Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l’Est

Continue to see each other in the conditions of COVID with its lucky Ukrainian elected official

Couples trained before and during COVID by our marriage agency in France manage to meet, and we help and assist them every step of the way.

The list of possibilities to continue to see each other in France, Ukraine, or other countries is not fixed and evolves over the weeks, subject to the health restrictions of countries.

The international“Love Is Not Tourism”movement, which brings together the main stakeholders in France, has worked to find solutions for unmarried and unmarried dual couples to meet, as they usually could, before the covid-19 epidemic.

We cannot project ourselves into the evolution of the virus, but we can continue to seek and find love in Ukraine. The excellent results of our activity despite the current circumstances bear witness to this and demonstrate that finding happiness is possible, even in the age of Coronavirus!