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Your first meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman in Kharkov: how to manage it and what topics to discuss

First meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman
First meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman

With our marriage agency In the Heart of the East virtual exchanges are not recommended beyond 1-2-3 months of correspondence. The main thing is to meet in real life your correspondents with whom you have exchanged beforehand, just to discover your correspondents before meeting them. In this process, we are our formulas 1 and 2: the annual subscription or the 6-month subscription.

You can also go on a direct trip to Ukraine and meet Ukrainians without prior exchanges. In this process, this is our formula 3: direct travel.

Whatever the formulas, all paths lead to Rome (no, sorry, Kharkiv!) and the main thing is the meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman in the flesh: the meeting that will change your life! You can view on our website several video testimonials about dating trips to Ukraine;

as well as several TV reports on the Ukrainian meetings in Kharkov with our agency In the Heart of the East.

Marriage agency in France ensures your meetings in Ukraine with all your correspondents

The day and time are set, you are looking forward to this first meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman. Are you smiling or scared? The first encounters can be stressful, beautiful, interesting, a love at first sight, or a real bankruptcy. The most important thing of each encounter is the first impression and a certain alchemy that will unite you.

Our interpreters are there to put everyone at ease (you and the members), and to help you feel relaxed in the company of each Ukrainian woman met, to be able to understand the possibilities, compatibility and differences, and especially to understand with whom the feeling passes and with whom it does not pass.

Dating trip to Ukraine: what topics to discuss when meeting a beautiful Ukrainian woman?

In any case you can ask a lot of questions during each meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian woman to get to know her better. Check out the video testimonials of some customers who agreed to be filmed during their meetings in Kharkov on our channel In the Heart of the East – Youtube.

  1. Family

Slavic women are not only beautiful, elegant and feminine, but they are also very family, with true Slavic family values. Ask them about their families, loved ones, children (if they have any). They will be happy to tell you about their families; they will appreciate this interest on your part and, therefore, the importance you place on traditional values. In general, ukrainian women are looking for a foreign man who is also considered a family, unlike Ukrainian men who still do not respect these values, and who place all the weight and responsibility for the family on the woman.

2. Passions and dreams

The easiest way to find common is to make others talk about their passions, interests, hobbies. Maybe on your next date she can show you her hobbies.

Don’t hesitate to ask her questions about her dreams, her ambitions, something that your beautiful correspondent would like to accomplish in the future. Maybe you’ll find it yourself.

All Slavic women have an open mind, a high general culture and a desire to discover places they don’t know. Tell them about your travels, the places they would like to visit. It makes you dream, and common dreams bring people together.

It is very important to see if you have the same interests, the same passions, compatible lifestyles, and if you are interested in your mutual passions.

3. Projects for the future

It is, of course, essential to understand if your life plans coincide. This is also the goal of your approach: to write a new chapter of life with a Slavic woman that you will meet through our serious marriage agency. Tell him about your professional and personal projects. And ask him about his own. What would she like to do once it’s a life start again in Europe? These questions remain, of course, theoretical, but it is interesting to see each other’s ambitions.

And above all, of course, talk about your family plans: if you want to marry a Russian or Ukrainian women and have children; if you have children but would like to have more with your future Russian or Ukrainian woman; If you already have children and don’t want to have children anymore if your children are adults and self-reliant and you would like to start your life again with a Slavic woman without dependent children, like you, in order to enjoy life together.


With our high-end marriage agency the work of selection is paramount before the ukraine dating trip.

Of course, during our selection work that is done before your registration we will discuss these topics and we will help you to target the beautiful Slavic women who are in tune with your projects, especially at the level of children. So, in principle, the women you meet will meet your criteria.

However, often the criteria of men and women are flexible, sometimes our French or Swiss male clients, as well as our Ukrainian members consider their suitors “on a case-by-case basis” and are not closed to several possibilities of family future. So we strongly advise you to discuss your plans, your desires and your dreams of your future family life with the Ukrainian women you will meet through our dating agency.