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Vincent, 40 (Gap, Hautes-Alpes) and Valentina, 35 (Kharkov)

Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est
Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est

I will tell you my story or rather our story, which is all the more amazing because we are happy, in part, thanks to the confinement of the Coronavirus. The irony of fate :).

I signed up for the agency about a year ago, after realizing that in France I would not find the woman I am looking for. I made contact with Kateryna, with whom the feeling went very well and I preferred to meet her directly to show her my expectations and that she better identifies me in my research.

Following a correspondence of 1-2 months, I went to Kharkov in October where I met 5 women, but nothing came to fruition… As I had a 6-month subscription, I did some research and went back in February.

I had 5 appointments and among all the women, I met Valentina, two days before Valentine’s Day (small sign of fate).

I hadn’t exchanged much by email with her, but when we both started talking, there was this little something telling you it’s the right one, and happiness invaded us. We spent 3 days together, then I had to go home in relation to my work.

We exchanged a lot by Whats app together, and a month later she came to join me at my house, for a week normally.

Ironically, this was the coronavirus period. So her flight was cancelled, and she ended up having to stay in France. To my delight! And his, too!

We get along wonderfully and the days spent with her, side by side, go very well and we discover each day.

Projects are blooming in our heads and we will surely consider a life together.

So if you’re still wondering, stop and go, Katerina is a superb professional, attentive, very good advice… and so on, but above all I thank her for participating in my happiness.


The rest of the testimony is made 3 months later, in video:


Part 3 of the video filmed 7 months after the first 2 parts. Married and waiting for a happy event. Valentina Bogdan’s son is educated in France. The couple who met and went through all the stages of their new life during the COVID pandemic in 2020!