testimony heart of the east

FRANÇOIS, 34 ( Nantes, Pays de la Loire ) and OLGA, 42 (Kharkov)

Customer testimonial on the Russian marriage agency in Marseille

It all started in November 2020, when I was able to fulfill my dream of going to Kharkov with the agency “In the Heart of the East” so that I could finally meet Tatiana that I’ve been hoping to see for a long time. I met other correspondents as well, but Tatiana was my favorite from the beginning.

Fate played in my favor since my first date was with her. From the beginning of the meeting, the feeling went very well between us to such an extent that the hours marched without even realizing it…. The pleasure was at its height when Tatiana without hesitation agreed to a second appointment. We then exchanged our emails and phone numbers.

We met again during the three days before I left and had a great time together.

We then communicated every day and I suggested to Tatiana to see each other again Immediately. At the beginning of December, we met for four days at Istanbul, which is ideally located between France and Ukraine. This was the simplest solution during these times of somewhat restrictive restrictions. Wonderful stay, full of joy, laughter, happiness and shared pleasures in this welcoming city full of surprises.

It was once again the moment of return, with the certain desire to meet again.

So we organized to meet again in Kharkov for a week at the end of January. The quarantine has just ended in Ukraine, so we took advantage of the re-opening shops, bars and restaurants, theatres to move from new moments of joy, complicity and simple happiness hand in the Hand….

Living together during this week has reinforced the idea that we are truly compatible, in our way of life, our tastes, our desires.

Today we hope to see each other again as soon as possible, probably in France, with Tatiana coming to my house this time… Now we have to let time do things and build, step by step, a beautiful story.

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