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Thierry, 56 (Barcelona, Spain) and Elena, 43 (Kharkov)

Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est
Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est

At the beginning, I was in contact with two other agencies competing with Kateryna’s. I signed up with “In the Heart of the East” because Kateryna was very convincing and very professional in every way.

You only have to arrive in Kharkov to realize that this agency is particularly well run, experienced and serious. What has me much more about Kateryna is that she doesn’t sell dreams.

Because of the Covid, I contacted 8 women with different profiles for 2 months, thinking about meeting 6 on my trip to Kharkov. I finally saw seven of them. I enjoyed corresponding with each of these young women, very educated, cultured and exciting, we talked about many topics.

Our letters allowed us to learn from each other and to get a very precise opinion of the different personalities of each to the point that during the physical meeting in Kharkov, we felt that we already knew each other very well.

I could have chosen them all,but Kateryna had advised me during my first selection a profile which she was sure it would fit me perfectly. And she was right.

Elena had already caught my attention during our exchanges, which was revealed during our meeting at Kharkov… It was the last appointment scheduled by the agency. We saw each other around 17:00 for the presentation with an interpreter who left us at our request after only a good hour. I took Elena home at 2:00 in the morning after she made me go around Kharkov on foot, by bus and taxi… I’ve never laughed as much as that night.

The next day we saw each other all day and it was exactly the same… even better to the point that we decided to take a plane to Lviv, which she knows very well, to spend a week there Holiday. It was just magical… I have no other words.

I returned to Barcelona and Elena enrolled in intensive language courses to improve her English.

I plan to return to Kharkov very quickly, we will visit the Ukrainian Carpathians together this time, then it will be up to Elena to come and see me in Barcelona.

We give ourselves 6 months to live together in Barcelona.

The women I met are all admirable, educated, intelligent and beautiful. They are in the agency to change their lives, but I didn’t feel like they would leave with the first European to come. It is necessary present similar qualities and high values to open debates and then hope that magic does the rest;-)

Kharkov is a beautiful city full of surprises, large green spaces, interesting museums, excellent restaurants.

I had chosen the Hotel option very close to the center, to feel free and distant from Agency. I wanted to feel this city and understand the world in which these women live on a daily basis, to better understand them themselves, to understand how the inhabitants lived too, and suddenly I was invited twice to parties by people who worked in the hotel and with whom I had Sympathized. It was two Ukrainian evenings that lived up to my expectations. Who would have hoped for better than This

I would like to thank my interpreters, and of course all the staff of “In the Heart of the East” ». And I give a maximum score with special mention for the 5-star performance of Kateryna the director of this agency.

I absolutely recommend “In the Heart of the East” to anyone who wants to follow our approach.


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