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The main qualities of an eastern woman

– Natural beauty of Slavic women (familiar Slavic beauty: high palms, round face, fair skin, grey or green blue eyes)

– Good general culture and education of Russian and Ukrainian women (the vast majority of Ukrainian women go to higher education)

– Traditional values of eastern women (couple, family and children above all)

– Courage and strength of character of women in Russia and Ukraine (life in Ukraine is more difficult, life trials make them resourceful)

– Elegance of beautiful eastern women (great competition between women in Ukraine makes which are all very neat and feminine)

– Romanticism of the Slavs (Russian soul, Slavic spirituality)

– Lack of “feminist” tendencies in Eastern countries (Slavic women consider men and women to be more “complementary” than “equal”, they appreciate male men and want to remain feminine: both physically and in terms of character)


Oksana | Dating Ukrainian Woman | marriage agency | In the heart of the eastOksana
Meeting ID : 5024
Name : Oksana
Age : 42
Residence : Kharkov


Meet Olga, photo of beautiful Russian womanOlga
Meeting ID : 1837
Name : Olga
Age : 44
Residence : Kharkov


Meet Ekaterina, photo of beautiful Russian girlEkaterina
Meeting ID : 1542
Name : Ekaterina
Age : 37
Residence : Kharkov


Olga | Dating Ukrainian Woman | marriage agency | In the heart of the eastOlga
Meeting ID : 1867
Name : Olga
Age : 38
Residence : Kharkov