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Testimony of Cedric, 35 (Geneva, Switzerland) and Ekaterina, 37 (Kharkov)

Customer testimonial Russian women's marriage agency
Customer testimonial Russian women's marriage agency

I had seen a television report on the marriage agency Au Coeur de l’Est more than 5 years ago and I had kept it in a corner of my head.

This year I tried the experiment because I told myself that for all these years it is certainly a serious agency. After the usual formalities and remote exchanges, I went there. Everything went perfectly well.

Every scheduled appointment was held, every appointment someone picked me up. The girls are clear with the concept and are ready to leave their country to follow the one they will also choose.

At first, I hesitated between two beautiful and intelligent women for whom I had a real crush. Gradually, when I returned to Geneva, I settled completely on Ekaterina, a beautiful English teacher, eager to start a family and have children, like me.

After my first trip in August, I returned to Kharkov in November, and spent a dream week with Ekaterina. I was amazed at how we are in tune, it seems like we’ve known each other forever.

We can’t wait to get together forever, so I’m starting to look to get married. For her part, Ekaterina learns how to close her business in Kharkov.

We are more motivated than ever. I would like her to come to Geneva at the end of the year and stay with me forever.

If family values, sharing and mutual support are criteria you are looking for in the long term and are motivated, you will certainly find someone who will match you


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