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RENAUD, 39 years old (LIsle d’Espagnac, Charente) and EKATERINA, 25 (Kharkov)

Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East

Hello, my name is Renaud. I contacted the agency Au Coeur de l’Est, because I felt like I no longer had my place as a man in France. A lot of failures, and not the same reciprocity in the women I met. I chose this agency because I felt that everything was well-crafted, organized, directed with a masterful hand. Well I was surprised….

Because it’s beyond my expectations. Katerina is not just the manager of this agency, she gets involved, she guides, she advises, she coaches …. we are framed from the beginning to the end for the smooth running in this process.

Initially I had not selected the girl I am currently with, this 25-year-old nymph. Because I thought she was too young for me and maybe even too beautiful for me. But indeed she had caught my attention because of her atypical side and her angelic beauty.

But Katerina asked me “why don’t you select this girl? Your profiles are meant to go together.” So I trusted him. I met several girls in Ukraine. And then I made THE meeting with Ekaterina. From the beginning, the current was going really well between us. And then we became inseparable. Very strong feelings quickly settled. I get along really well with it. I just think it’s perfect for me. That’s the girl I was looking for. And she has a vision of things in relation to her man that I did not find in the French:

nice. Sexy. Barrée. Smart. Very cultured. Open to my delusions. Spiritual. Sincere. Sports. Sweet. Funny. Simple. Creative. Sensual. Loving. Coaxing. Tender. Passionate. Intriguing. Artist. Dedicated. Playful. Player. Provocative. But little fragile thing in my arms.

And I confess that I am under her spell and that I can’t wait for her to be there with me. She must now join me in France for a few holidays and then… the future will tell us…

A wonderful story that I hope will continue to life forever. I’m happy with all this. I love this girl and her mentality.

Thank you again Katerina.


Renaud’s meeting in Kharkov took place in front of the M6 cameras and was the subject of a report C’est Ma Vie: