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Opinion of beautiful women of Ukraine: is age really an obstacle to finding one’s Russian or Ukrainian soul mate?

Opinion of beautiful women of Ukraine: is age really an obstacle to finding one's Russian or Ukrainian soul mate?
Opinion of beautiful women of Ukraine: is age really an obstacle to finding one's Russian or Ukrainian soul mate?

In many Eastern European countries, such as Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, there are several stereotypes about family, gender relationship, children, and especially age when it is better for a woman to marry.

For most Slavic who believe in these stereotypes, it is the age of 30 that is considered a certain “rubicon”: it will be difficult, almost impossible for a Russian or Ukrainian woman over 30 yearsold, to meet her soulmate and create a family.

In many Western countries the age of 30 is not a barrier, but on the contrary, it is only the beginning of the creation of the family, when people begin to make plans to have a family and children. In recent years this trend has pushed back even further towards the age of 40, when a man and a woman find their soul mate and become parents.

Marrying a Ukrainian woman with an ideal age difference: advice from our marriage agency in France

As explained in our other articles ( WHY SLAVE WOMEN CHERCHE THEIR MARIS TO THE STRANGER AND WHY MEET A SLAVIC WOMAN) Russian and Ukrainian women find themselves in great competition with each other, and the lack of suitable men to start a family pushes them to seek their husbands in other countries.

The younger the Slavic woman, the more difficult it is for her to find her life partner in Russia or Ukraine. For a divorced woman with a dependent child 35 years ago, the prospects of rebuilding her life are almost non-existent.

Our marriage agency In the Heart of the East assures our clients that their age will not become an obstacle to meet his soul mate in Ukraine.

We have clients of all ages: the average is 35 to 55 years, we sometimes have clients 23-24 years, just like the gentlemen of 65 years past.

Not being young has many complementary benefits for women in Russia and Ukraine. Our Franco-Ukrainian marriage agency In the Heart of the East shares with you its daily discussions with Russian and Ukrainian members registered on our dating site.

All the beautiful women,members of our dating site,with whom we had discussions, say that the main thing in their future partner is not the age of the passport but the age in the head.

Opinions of the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women of our marriage agency on the ideal age difference

It is more culturally natural for a Slavic woman having a partner older than her, not the other way around; let us say if the man is ten years older than the woman it is not considered a particularly large age difference; whereas if man is a few years younger than his partner this is a very unusual situation for the eastern countries.

Slavic women prefer more experienced men, having more personal achievements and strong character, which often comes with age. Russian and Ukrainian women with no feminist tendencies do not seek to dominate or be superior to men. So when some of our clients solicit women older than them, this demand goes wrong with eastern women; having a younger man is embarrassing for the majority of them (see our article FEMININITY AND SEDUCTION: THE UKRAINIAN WOMEN’S DIFFERENCES AND THE FRENCH WOMEN)

All the members of our dating agency are active, dynamic, their lifestyle does not allow them to remain passive. They all have an open mind which allows them to travel and learn about European culture. They are also looking for a partner who is open-minded and who considers his age as a number in the passport. The most important is the lively soul and curious mind, strong personality and gentle character.

Ukrainian women seek to marry and start a family earlier than French women

In Western countries, independent women focus on their professional careers and are in no hurry to start a family. As a result, men who feel ready to establish strong family ties, are forced to wait either long enough or start looking for their soul mate abroad. And for best, she is a Russian or Ukrainian Slavic woman with Slavic family values whose priority is the family with the children.

We have among our members many Russian and Ukrainian women over 30 and 40 years old. Many of them are divorced, with a personal and family journey that began much earlier than in Western women. Benefitsa Russian or Ukrainian woman after 30 years are that she is more mature, mature and she already knows family life often with children, and has more sense of responsibility for her husband, children and loved ones than a Western woman who is still considered “young” at that age.

Youth is an undeniable asset, but youth passes very quickly, whilea beautiful Slavic woman after 30 or 40 years has several strengths:

Very, very clear views on life;

Work experience and family life;

Precise expectations of relationships and man;

Financial and emotional independence.

If you have a clear view on life, if you know what you want and especially don’t want in your life, if you have succeeded professionally and personally, this increases all your chances of meeting YOUR eastern woman.