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JULIEN, 36 (Rouen, Normandy) and VERONIKA, 36 (Kharkov)

Russian meeting, married couple testimony thanks to the agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women of the agency In the Heart of the East

I knew the agency Au Coeur de l’Est through television reports and I was seduced by the simple and local nature of the concept. I made 3 stays to meet the one who filled me and with whom I plan in the future. I loved Kharkiv! Its restaurants which are great and have nothing to envy to French restaurants have been a great meeting place and I discovered the churches and the park and the shopping streets at the decode of these meetings.

All the members I met were remarkable women, very beautiful and intelligent, with an excellent education and very accessible to the relationship, the interpreters present accustomed to these meetings quickly put me at ease.

It was a magical process. I arrived unpretentious I left rich with beautiful encounters and above all: I met the one I was looking for.

Véronika has already visited France several times, alone and with her daughter. They spent the whole summer with me. We introduced our respective families. She started taking French classes in Kharkiv as soon as we realized that our relationship was going to end. Then I found French classes for foreigners near my city that she attends regularly. For 5-6 months we have known each other she has learned French, she understands everything and she can already speak. We are in the process of preparing Véronika’s move and her daughter’s schooling in France.


Hi Kateryna, I think we are coming to the end of our journey and we can get married normally on December 8th!!

Given the context we decided to do our wedding and party in Ukraine in May where you will of course be invited my dear Kateryna.

Veronica is very superstitious so she doesn’t want to tell anyone that we’re getting married on December 8th I’ll text you to confirm if the evening eight all her papers are regularized and you can then send her a note if you wish.

I hope everything’s okay for you and your little family is doing well.

See you soon


Hi Kateryna, Nika will not come next week as she has the COVID!! Sick since Tuesday she just did the test which is positive.

She resumed ticket for December 16 and wedding on december 18.

It’s a crazy story!


It’s done! We got married as planned on December 18th. I send you some pictures of our wedding COVID and confinement 🙂 … We have booked the Nasha Datcha in Kharkov for May, and I hope that this COVID-19 will be finished and we will finally have a real nice party!

We leave for Ukraine on January 4th to take long-term visas for Nika and her daughter.