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JEAN-YVES, 59 (Paris) and NATALIA, 40 (Kharkov) – seen on France 2 (the newspaper of 13.15)

Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est
Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est

I’m going to tell you a very nice story. The one that took me at the end of June to the border of Russia, in this country so far and so close to Ukraine, in this beautiful city Kharkov. I had decided to start a new life, to meet the woman who would become my new companion! Of course, there was my age 59 years, my full life filled, I was well, a comfortable situation, friends, friends, my children …

of a first marriage, but this sentimental loneliness, what you lack the main of a life: love with a big A.

One day I signed up, in this agency, AT THE EST COOR! What seduced me right away is the reasonable number of members, and that they were all known by the agency and especially all living in the same city of Kharkov! My first contact was on the phone with Katerina the head of the agency, in remarkable French, she first asked me many questions, to judge the reality of my decision, at no time she told me about money, but I felt very quickly that she wanted to coach me and help me in a very professional way in this search for the soul mate , a real trust and sincerity was established between her and me, there was a lot of romanticism in her approach, I quickly felt reassured, appeased by her words and the explanation she gave me of the perfect organization of my stay in Kharkov!

So I left on June 21st and when I arrived there Katerina was waiting for me at the airport, a very pretty, dynamic woman and so sincere, as if a friend was waiting for me! Indeed, she exceptionally moved to Ukraine during the period of my stay to accompany me for part of my meetings, because I agreed to be filmed as part of a TV show on her agency.

And you know what I expected from Katerina, the miracle, the love at first sight, well it took place, and even more so I fell madly in love with a wonderful woman full of sweetness, tenderness and especially in accordance with the photos and letters that we had exchanged for some time before my departure !!!

On the spot there is also Andrei who has perfectly programmed me my meetings, and even reassures me with his kind smile, I knew that at every moment I could call him for the slightest problem, a real pro too, he knows each of the members, and organizes the place, the time and prepares us for these meetings, very quickly you are taken care of and you know that everything will be done so that you meet the right person !!!! Moreover, the places where the meetings are organized are magical, like the people you meet, believe me you live a daydream, your future becomes as full of hope, the certainty of saying yes she is here my new wife !!!

Natalia for Andrei and Katerina, seemed totally to be the one I expected: and a magic is operated! I had before me, a splendid woman, intelligent, with great family values, the more I spoke with Her and Katerina who translated me , I felt the love that invaded me, and gently with charm and sweetness I felt in her eyes this reciprocity of love, I was in paradise !!!!!!

You know, you who will read me, when you are in Kharkov, you feel at home, nothing is missing, everything is compliant: your accommodation, your meetings, the help of partners on the spot, the reception, you are even provided with a Ukrainian phone with a package to be in direct contact with the agency and the women you meet, this agency is like a big family !!!!

So, if one day like me, you want to meet the woman who will become your new wife, call Katerina and even call me, I will tell you that simply, do this same step as me, because at the end of your collaboration with the gence, there is love that awaits you.

On my Kharkov trip, we were 3 Frenchmen left with Au Coeur de l’Est, we all came home 3 lovers! With my future wife we are now talking about our future for two and a few marriages!!

Thank you Katerina, thank you Andrei, I am now a fully happy man!

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of this simple snapshot of a shared love
or the complicit sun in this late summer
convinces me to believe in his eternity
in the heart of the east I discovered drunkenness
of love that extinguishes sadness

my princess has the heart as the body beyond all my dreams of yesteryear
infinite prodigious delicacy voluptuousness, its diamond beauty
dazzles me every day, honor to be her lover
love and be loved, nothing is more like before

I know that dream happiness is at the end of the road
the road we take we intoxicate ourselves with its scent
just tell yourself, act, leave and finally decide
crown with attention, at the dawn of my autumn, of your youth that rings
combine our destinies, write the melody or so many notes resonate
natalia you remain forever, dazzling diamond, at the side of your man

if I had ever been given the right time to believe it
if I had ever been given to see her
if with one word I had to write it
if with my pen I had to transcribe
summer would never cease to be
than to tell you my princess

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March 21, 2015 …. a great YES in the spring of our lives!



TV report on this meeting. The diary of 13.15 presented by Marie Drucker.

In this report it is also another couple we formed (Marc and Yana), here is their testimony: