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François, 46 (Bordeaux, the Garonne) and Irina, 34 (Kharkov)

Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est
Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est

It’s been almost 5 years since I signed up for your agency. I had found it by chance, and I had been very interested in the videos of the TV shows that are on the site. I must also say that I had flashed on a young woman who seemed very sad. In short, I had put myself in the head that it was with her that I wanted to communicate, but you convinced me to extend my choice to a dozen women, which in hindsight was wise advice.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the written and telephone exchanges that followed my registration.
Then came the time to move to Kharkov, in order to meet several of the women with whom I had exchanged in writing. I must say that all these meetings have been enriching. I also enjoyed the discussions with your local correspondent (Ludmila).

In the end I remained fixed on my first impression, so I continued to exchange with the young woman who had caught my eye at first. Then she agreed to come and see me in France… and since then we haven’t left each other!

We are married and happy, our daughter Anastasia is already 4 years old, she is perfectly bilingual (French and Russian), and we are expecting a little boy!

That’s it, it’s a simple story, and ultimately very mundane! But in any case I measure what I owe you for this beautiful meeting, which brightly brightly brightes my life and that of Irina, and I wish you to help many couples to achieve themselves thanks to your precious advice.

Thank you from the whole heart.