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To meet and marry a Ukrainian woman with or without children? Slavic women and children

Meet and marry a Ukrainian woman with child
Meet and marry a Ukrainian woman with child

Many of our clients wonder about the children of Russian and Ukrainian women. Is it better to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman with or without children? Our high-end marriage agency gives you some cultural information about it.

To begin with, you should know that it is very rare that a Slavic woman does not have children and does not want to have children. This is even exceptional, it is much rarer than for women in Western Europe who sometimes decide not to have children. Family and children are the most important values for Slavic women.


Don’t hesitate to view the video testimonials of the couples we have formed. Perhaps these testimonies will help you answer the question: is it better for you to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman with or without children?

In general, there are three figure frames at the level of the children of your future Russian or Ukrainian wife.

If you meet and marry a Ukrainian or Russian woman without children

In this case, it is practically automatic that she will want to have some. And, depending on her age, she will be more or less in a hurry to have children.

Here is the video testimony of Francis and Karina, one of our oldest couples. They had no children before they met; now they are happy parents of two children.

If you meet and marry a Ukrainian or Russian woman who already has a child

In this case, some Slavic women will be happy to have other children with you; some Slavic women will prefer not to have other children. It depends mainly on whether you already have children or not, and if you want to have children in the future. In fact, you will see for yourself through the database of our Ukrainian members that women in Ukraine most often have only one child; more rarely two; and hardly never three.

Here is the video testimony of another couple Marc and Yana: Yana already had a 16-year-old daughter; but since Marc had no children, they had a little boy together.

Ask the eastern women that you meet if their children (if they are almost adults) will follow them abroad or stay in Ukraine. Toddlers will, of course, automatically follow their mother if she moves abroad. Children aged 16 and over, through experience, most often stay in Ukraine because they have their friends, grandparents, studies and higher education projects. This was the case with Yana’s eldest daughter.

If you meet and marry a Ukrainian or Russian woman with an adult child

In this case, these children usually stay in Ukraine. Here is the testimony of the couple Jean-Claude and Yana who have adult children and therefore enjoy life together.

You will also notice from the “Our Members” page that many Slavic women aged 40 and over (who are considered mature women in Ukraine) already have adult and independent children who will almost automatically stay in Ukraine. Except if these young adults decide to study in your country. In any case, children aged 18 and over are not attached to mothers administratively and will not have the residence permit in France, for example, if their mother marries in France.

The integration of Ukrainian children abroad

Numerous studies confirm that young children quickly assimilate a new language when immersed in the context, such as a move abroad. Children integrate more easily than adults, not only linguistically, but also culturally.

Watch the video testimonial of couple Julien and Viktoria and observe the excellent integration of Viktoria’s daughter who arrived in France at the age of 7 and who has no foreign accent 2 years later.

Be aware that Ukrainian women pay a great deal of attention to their children’s education and education, especially in the field of education, sports, music, language and others. The children of Slavic women are usually good students and they are educated with respect for adults and family.

Divorced Ukrainian fathers are generally not present or have very little presence in the lives and upbringing of their children.

We hope that our explanations will help you make good choices of your Ukrainian encounters that best fit your life project.