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The typical mistakes of men during the first meeting with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman

First meeting with beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women
First meeting with beautiful Russian or Ukrainian women

Our matrimonial agency In the Heart of the East offers the unique opportunity to meet beautiful Slavic women from Kharkiv whom we know personally and whose profiles are advised individually according to the criteria and projects of each of our clients. You can meet these beautiful ukrainian women after a while of correspondence, or do direct encounters in Kharkiv.

In any case, the first real encounter after virtual exchanges can be difficult. It can be even more difficult if you haven’t exchanged at all beforehand, but just saw the pictures of Russian and Ukrainian women have that go meet.

Here are some tips from our dating agency that will allow you to avoid mistakes and conquer the heart of a beautiful Slavic woman.

Russian or Ukrainian woman: mistakes to avoid on the first romantic date

1. Clumsiness

The first
encounter with a Russian or Ukrainian woman
can be a bit embarrassing. If you tell the woman in front of you several times how embarrassed you are by the situation, it will make the situation even more embarrassing. Your goal is to show your confidence, and even if you don’t feel confident, you need to act in a way that she understands that you are confident. Talk about general topics, ask your correspondent to talk about her, her passions and interests. Don’t focus on the negative. Be positive.

2. Nonchalance

When you try to act in a nonchalant way, the woman may think that you are not don’t interest her, and she’s going to think something like this: “What am I doing here? I’m wasting my time.” Find the balance: show that you are confident, but don’t forget to show your interest in this woman and your first meeting. Don’t hesitate to ask him questions, and listen to her. Women don’t like it when they’re not Don’t listen.

3. Mobile phone

Phones have become an important gadget in our daily lives. On the other hand, don’t forget not to be gallant and courteous, show your respect to this woman. Slavic women do not like it when a man speaks on the phone at the first meeting, nor at the second meeting either.

4. Too much past

Don’t ask provocative questions as an opportunity to get into your stories of the Past. At the first or second meeting do not summarize your stories in love with your exes. Don’t try to dominate the conversation. Be natural and let the things to be done in a natural way.

5. No pressure

Slavic women need to know the man more. If you’re too pressed to advance the relationship at the first meeting, it is a misstep, which leads to the Bankruptcy. The first meeting is to get to know each other and discover each other more. This is not the best time to do it. Be natural, beautiful Slavic women appreciate men who don’t play their game.