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Raphael (meeting trip to Kharkov, mid-April 2019, without prior correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

I’ll give you an account of my week.

I saw 5 girls and tomorrow at 2pm I have to see the 6th (Anna).

Of the 5 girls I liked the most: Eugenia that I had to see again yesterday morning and who cancelled because she later told me that I was there to choose and that she did not want to disturb my choice by seeing me again before I finished meeting the others so that I could make my choice. Well it seems weird but hey we have to see each other Tuesday, the day before I leave, we’ll see.

Regarding Natalia, she has a lot of class I found very pretty very sweet and very mature, I think it’s her kind of woman that would take for a man like me. We see that she is a good woman at least I think, she asked to see me again on Sunday night and Tuesday before my departure. I made her and her Instagram invitation as she asked me and I’m waiting for her to accept my request for addition.

Here’s the situation Thanks for your advice, good day.


Finally, it is with the beautiful Eugenia that the adventure continues. She comes to see me in Corsica in June, without her daughter at first. It’s a pity she can’t free herself before in relation to her work. In the meantime, I plan to visit him in Kharkov next week.

Otherwise, when I had more time and my appointments were over I really discovered Kharkiv in another aspect there are great things to do here. I do not regret my stay just through this. I didn’t know there were so many activities to do on site Kharkov, even a delphinarium. Makes you want to come back even with the kids.