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PHILIPPE, 48 (Courchevel, Savoy) and ELENA, 36 (Kharkov)

Testimony meets Ukrainian and Russian women of the agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony meets Ukrainian and Russian women of the agency In the Heart of the East

I am very pleased to announce that our romance continues with Elena. We just returned from Corsica where we had a wonderful time. We are in total harmony and we plan to get married. We want to take the steps as quickly as possible in order to live together quickly.

Despite my reluctance on this kind of agency the manager Kateryna inspired me confidence from our first phone appointment so I

immediately registered following this interview.

She accompanied me and advised me on the choice of women who could correspond to me and followed my journey during my trip to Ukraine .

Regarding my meetings, I met 6 women the first 3 days, when it met I had a crush for Elena from my first appointment, we exchanged our Instagram to be able to match.

On the other dates I didn’t hook up with any other woman because my heart was already beating for Elena. We have the same ideas about life, the same interests, it’s really my half, we’re made for each other. We are both calm and sensitive to simple things, sporty, curious about everything, and nature is our refuge.

Know that these women did not register on a marriage agency to leave with the first foreigner who chose them, on the contrary she will not leave and will not leave their lives for the first comer.

These are women who seek above all responsible men with values that will be able to take care of her love them and bring them a balance of life in mutual respect and trust.

I advise future members to subscribe for a minimum of 6 months so that you can exchange before you arrive in Ukraine with the women you will want to meet, usually the photos match but do not hesitate to ask for more photos because often the photos on the agency’s website are taken by a professional photographer and nothing beats photos without a natural filter.

My interpreters on site were superb, my stay went well and there are beautiful things to see on site in Kharkov.

Thank you very much