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PASCAL, 50 (Paris) and NATALIA, 38 (Kharkov)

Testimony on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women of the agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women of the agency In the Heart of the East

For people who really want to find love and build a new life, I highly recommend this agency. I was very surprised by Kateryna’s professionalism and kindness in accompanying me in my choice. From my selection of young women, she accompanied me on my choice… even to advise 20sp some people (not the same goals, temperament different from my research and requests)…

and kindly offers you other people who are more suited to my research.

A little skeptical… but, deep down, she was quite right, she introduced me, among other things, Natalia, a charming young woman, who I liked immediately!

The organized trip to meet these young women, what a surprise again of the organization, Andrey (the local head of the agency) is waiting for you to take you to a beautiful apartment in the center of town (near the metro, shops) with all the comforts.

Then the meeting with Helena the interpreter who was my guide during my stay and translated during the meetings. I appreciated his discretion, his kindness and his knowledge to find romantic places. The meetings with all the women are very well organized, but I was waiting for the moment of MA meeting.

And there that happiness…. the meeting with Natalia, a young woman full of tenderness, love, sensuality with the same purpose in life as me. I was able to spend time with her, so that we could discover each other at first with the interpretation and then alone.

Ukrainian women are really different women from the French on the approach of the family and the relationship of the couple.

I can’t wait to see her again soon for our holiday together in France (there too the agency takes care of a lot of things).

I’m still completely on a cloud !!! I just got back is I can’t wait to see her again very soon, she made me capsize in the intense happiness that I had a little forgotten. She knew by her beauty, her charm, her gentleness and her sincerity to relearn to love a person, the desire to be able to see the future has two, three (with her son). She has in her eyes and her little smile something that made me want to get up and see the future with a great sun !!!!
For me, I didn’t think when I left Kharkov to come across a person like her… She was very touching and having her next to me made me completely lose my means. When I left on the night of our first meeting, I thought she was the person I wanted to see again to go further in our discovery. And from our second meeting, it was even stronger, and I said there, I met my half. For the rest of our meetings, it was complete happiness. Being able to see her every day made me want to give her all my tenderness and love. Our future life is going to be beautiful, it’s up to us to build it together with property on his son, who is obviously in my family project.

For the rest, I see it with a big blue sky with a big sun, it is my sun !!! Many things in common and above all the same desires, that is to say a family life full of love, sincerity, fidelity, intimate moments and full of common passions. I’m sure our meeting will give a lot of good things, we have the same desires to start a beautiful family. I would do everything to make our new adventure come in a beautiful way, it will be complicated times but, I would be there with my experience, my love for her so that everything goes well!

Only regret is not having done it earlier … I’m sure the future will be wonderful! Thank you very much Kateryna.