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Notice from Francis on his stay of meetings in Kharkov (end of December 2020, following 3.5 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Bonjour Kateryna

I hope you are well thank you very much for your email everything is going well on my side I was just going to make you tonight a small report.

Despite the fact that the airline and forget to send my luggage I spent an extraordinary time in the company of Helena the lady who came to pick me up as well as all the ladies I was to meet today and especially with the professionalism of Oksana my translator

As long as we remain positive everything is going well and especially the Ukrainians are very welcoming and very pleasant at first

My first meeting with Marina this morning at 10am went very well Oksana and Marina worried about me because I had no spare business or my suitcase and so I was very cold. They tried to call the airline and we even went shopping with Marina every early afternoon.

My three appointments today went very well the moment was perfect the organization was perfectly prowled and very fluid. I am surprised that all the ladies would like to see me again. I hope that on your side the preparations for your trip to Qatar went well I hope you will spend a wonderful Christmas in France your agency is extraordinaryFrom beautiful people a good organization and very human people you can be proud of everyone very soon for news of my adventure cordially François


Hello Kateryna it’s very nice of you, I already took the oksana lead yesterday my translator has already called several times the company is my suitcase has already arrived in Kharkov. And we’re going this lunchtime with Helena to pick up my suitcase and buy some medicine. They are all great and very available Oksana even called me to ask me about my health to tell you they are beautiful people.

Everything is under control dear Kateryna because the little lady you work with are really at the top of the worst if I really need to see a doctor I know that Helena will always be present and Oksana also it’s really very reassuring in a foreign country. And then I always have my dear Marina who is always available and very nice to accompany me so I’m not alone. Be sure to prepare your trip to Dubai this is happening very soon.

I’ve already asked this kind of question implied with Marina and I think that a lady who needs to work and cancels her appointment to go shopping with me and that I can warm up with warm clothes is still a pretty strong commitment.


This morning Oksana called the agency to ask to meet me tomorrow at 2pm and with Marina we talked on WhatsApp late last night and we see ourselves tonight at the restaurant and walk around town it snows and it is very cold in Kharkiv The city is all white and the lights are beautiful By Night


I’m back in Paris, here it’s raining the ropes. I had a wonderful Christmas in Kharkov with everyone. Your organization is extraordinary, and I have found answers to what I have come for. I came with lots of questions and lots of apprehensions, and I left with an answer and a lot of fun. Ukraine is a beautiful country, I would love to come back. All the women who work for you: Oksana, Elena, Yarina, are extraordinary. Oksana even took some time to call me every morning to ask if I was okay, when she was just my translator. She’s really amazing. And Elena is the same. You have people in gold. Thank you for everything, I really had a wonderful time.

As far as Marina is concerned, I will tell you in more detail when we have the opportunity to discuss orally. But it was extraordinary.

Otherwise, a small clarification: I had to pass an antigenic test that is ready in 20 minutes on arrival, at Roissy Charles airport in Gaules. It’s very fast, just before you take the luggage.

I honestly think with Marina it’s going to do it. We’re on the same page. I’ll tell you all about it.