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Marc (meeting trip to Kharkov in early October 2019, after 2 months’ correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Good evening Kateryna.

Thank you for your concern.

The organization is perfect. Elena is exceptional and the performers are professional and caring. So nothing wrong with the apartment has nothing to envy my usual standards.

Regarding appointments, the women they meet are clear in their intentions. Oksana (desire to start a family), Ludmila (idem but not available and/or interested in my profile) and Irina (who made an exceptional impression on my first joint date).

I still have to meet Lidia, Julia and Anna but, at this stage, and subject to her agreeing, I would like to deepen a lasting relationship with Irina.

That’s it for tonight!

Good evening to you.


Good evening Kateryna. End of the day. I’ll give you a quick situation point.

Yesterday afternoon, with my fabulous interpreter, I met Julia who was my initial favorite. She is sublime, honest but on reserve because of her past and the responsibilities she has (mother of a family).

We then ended the evening with Anna: beautiful, modern and open.

Today I had lunch with Lidia: courageous (she has several jobs like many Ukrainian women) and very nice.

And I saw Irina again tonight. As I told him: I now know why I came to Kharkov. So I no longer need to meet new women because it brings together (from my point of view) all the qualities I aspire to: balanced, intelligent, cultured and eager to start a family. I see her again tomorrow at 4pm (only her English is remarkable and mine more than correct so we understand each other).

We should also meet in two weeks in Spain since she has planned a trip and I want to join her.

Thank you for your help even though I know it is worth keeping your feet on the ground.

It’s a great evening.



Hello Kateryna.

I have just arrived in France. I thank you for your wise advice but I told Irina that she had my exclusive attention and I will stick to it.
I will try to join her in Spain in 10-15 days and I think I will return to Kharkov for the bridge on November 11th.

Thanks for everything.

Have a nice day!