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Jerome’s opinion on his meeting stay in Kharkov (mid-November 2020, without prior correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Good evening Kateryna

I got to Kharkov and Elena was there. Very friendly woman and who talks well.

The apartment is well located and very nice. Elena even brought me a bottle of water, cakes and coffee….

Better served than at the hotel! 😉

As you knew I had the PCR test that was one week old, not 48 hours old. At customs in France they advised me to redo one in Istanbul, during my stopover, or at Kharkov airport, on arrival.

Regarding the test in Istanbul, I ran for half an hour from one place to another because each one was sending me back to another service and after a while I had had enough and I tried boarding like that.

The woman who checked me did not speak French and I showed her the date of the 13th she took for the sample. So I passed quietly and like Kharkov. In Kharkov I said hello in Ukrainian and presented all my documents showing my face and hop everything went well; I left saying thank you and goodbye in Ukrainian as well.

This is the story of my life. I have to deserve everything I have and despite the trouble I still have a good star that allows me to go through with my actions…

So, despite the absence of the recent test, I arrived without problems in Ukraine

There you go. 👍 😁 Visits can start tomorrow as planned.


Good evening Kateryna

The first day ends and with it the first appointments.

I spent a dream afternoon with Tatiana and I wish it would never end so I was well with her. From the beginning the contact has passed perfectly in the eye as in the conversations. We are in phase in many areas, different but very complementary. She’s a beautiful woman who emits something positive that I feel deep inside me. She didn’t hesitate for a moment when I asked her to see her again and we exchanged our emails and phones.

We have to see each other again on Thursday! 😃🌈☀️

The meeting with Alla was very different and the current did not really pass on his side as mine. I didn’t feel any particular attraction. She’s friendly but a little too reserved for me. I sincerely wish him the best to find someone who will match him.

For tomorrow, confirmed appointment with Elena at 3 p.m. and we await confirmation for Mariana who is a little sick but not covid.

A special thank you for Ekateryna who is both a friendly, jovial and very effective person in her work.

Good evening and see you tomorrow for new adventures.


Bonjour Kateryna

So here’s the rest of my adventure… 😁

Hopefully I see Tatiana again tonight, I’m waiting for her confirmation. She is bubbly, cheerful and of a character that I appreciate very much.

Alla is very erased and our characters are not compatible. She’s a pretty woman who has her style anyway.

The meeting with Elena went very well. Beautiful friendly and jovial woman while remaining very calm and calm. I really like his character, we are both of the same sign “Aries” which translates into a common vision of many subjects. I hesitated for a moment when I went out before offering to see him again but I think it’s worth it. I’m waiting for his answer….

Regarding Mariana, the appointment went well, she is very calm, cultivated, focused on Zen and well-being but it does not correspond to me at all.

I think she is a bit in her world. I imagine him living in a forest among animals, elves and unicorns….

Live information. Tatiana confirms to me that we will be able to see each other today 😊

I see Irina this noon between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Good day and see you soon



Bonjour Kateryna

The meeting with Irina went very well. She had booked a French restaurant located next to the park where there is a statue of a famous writer.

She’s a really beautiful woman who will never be given 46 years. The discussion started quietly and over the water we had common topics and the feeling went pretty well. She is restful in her calmness and serenity. We may see each other again if his busy schedule allows…..

When last night, Tatiana took me to visit the park next to the big university, we walked a long time chatting and having a laugh. We were both able to chat in English with the help of my translator. Wonderful evening once again that ended in beautiful erg. with a tender kiss in each other’s arms, in front of his door 🥰 . The funny thing is that she lives 50m from my apartment, on the left crossing the street 😃

We will make sure to see as much as possible before I leave!

Have a nice day

Kind regards



Bonjour Kateryna

That’s where my stay will end and you have to think about the return …

This week was very rich in activities and very strong in emotions. Maybe I had to see Irina again this afternoon, because she thought she could free herself, but no news….

Anyway, it’s more than good with Tatiana, whom I’m seeing again tonight before I leave.

The more time we spend together, the more points we discover that bring us closer together.

I just had Elena on the phone for my return.

Good end of the day

Kind regards