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JEAN-PHILIPPE, 35 (Orléans, Centre) and IRINA, 33 (Kharkov)

Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est
Testimonies of happy couples who found love through the agency Au Coeur de l'Est

Five months ago I got in touch with Katerina. She made it clear to me the ins and outs of this process. And I took the plunge! I decided at the age of 35 to entrust the task of finding my soulmate to the team of “In the Heart of the East”. Together we have defined interesting profiles that correspond to my personality, my needs and my life project. I contacted 5 young women for 2 months before going to Kharkiv…

Kharkiv is a very pleasant city to live in and is far from the host image that one might have. I was greeted at the airport, I was taken to my very comfortable accommodation downtown.

During my 5 days in Kharkov, I met these 5 young women at the rate of 2 a day. The meetings took place in high-end restaurants that remain very accessible for us Europeans. I was stunned to discover the culture of these ladies. Far from being only beautiful, they are also very cultivated and interesting. The translators play a very important role and its very professional. Here’s a quick summary

Julia: very beautiful woman and very intelligent, I had a very good feeling, I saw her twice but she had to go to Russia.

Alexandra: very pretty woman, difficult communication, I will not give further

Irina: Pretty woman, very reserved and intelligent, I’m in contact with her, I’ve seen her 3 times

Kristina: she’s a princess, she likes to be pampered and very dreamy, she’s not for me

Svetlana: Beautiful woman but does not seem interested and seems very special

In the end, during my communications, I hooked up well with Irina, who knew how to captivate me. We saw each other three times on my first visit. Then I went back for 4 days to see her again. She then spent three weeks with me this summer. It took us a little while to get to know each other. She’s very shy. But in the end everything went very well. And it was clear at the end of this stay that it was seriously envisaged that Ira would come and live with me.

My professional projects led me to move for some time to Panama. I was happy that Ira agreed to follow me. And, fortunately for both of us, at the administrative level it is very simple for Ukrainians to come and live in Panama. So we just moved to Panama for my new project. We won’t split up again! And, of course, when I come back to France, we’ll arrange for him to come.