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Is it easier to find a Ukrainian woman in Ukraine, or to meet an eastern woman in France?

Meetings with eastern women in France
Meetings with eastern women in France

We organize meetings with Ukrainian women to be married living in Ukraine. From our experience, it is easier to find her half directly in Ukraine than to meet a Slavic woman living in Europe who corresponds to you and aims-versa, and to marry her.

Women of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldovan descent, and women from other eastern european backgrounds are usually already married.

In any case, you will never find as many single women of Slavic origin alone in Europe (single, divorced or widowed) as directly in eastern countries.

Meetings with eastern women in France

Slavic women already residing in France, Switzerland or Belgium who are looking for love, already have their ties in their respective regions (ties such as their work, their friends, school children, etc.).

So, to meet, for example, 5 Slavic women to marry living in France, it will take 5 trips to these 5 respective regions; and it will still have to convince them to change regions to join you.

It is much easier to travel to Kharkov (the ukrainian city where our 350 members reside) to meet them; they are all eager to start a new life abroad,

On the other hand, Russian and Ukrainian women already living in Europe are in high demand, while in Ukraine, on the contrary, there is a shortage of men. Therefore, these women are often led to look for their husbands abroad.

Meetings and marriages with Slavic women in Ukraine

Statistically, in Ukraine there are 4 million more women than men. In addition to this demographic shift, from the age of 30, there are not many free (unmarried) men in Ukraine. Even less among these free men are there reliable and serious men.

Women from Russia and Ukraine, like women from other post-Soviet countries, are therefore in great competition with each other. You will also be amazed to see in the streets of Ukraine so many beautiful women dressed in beautiful dresses and high heels.

In Ukraine, women dress daily in a very elegant way, even in winter or in bad weather. This is for cultural reasons and competition between women with regard to the shortage of serious men wishing to start a family.

So French men will have a much better chance of achieving a stable union for Slavic marriage through our marriage agency which manages nearly 350 Kharkov members, rather than finding the rare pearl among Slavic women already living in Europe.