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Georges’s impressions of his meetings in Kharkiv (end of January 2020, following 1 month of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Bonjour Kateryna

I am very happy to be here in Kharkov, and I discovered the Russian bath (the banya).

It takes quite cold and I am covered up to the ears when I walk outside, and I have mountain shoes. But the city is very nice anyway, and I have a wonderful time.

At the level of the Covid we hardly feel this tension or any limitations, compared to France. Life seems to be going its normal course here.

I had my first three meetings.

Julia fits the photos perfectly. She is very cultured and speaks perfect English, she is a doctor, and she has a lot of conversation. We have agreed to see each other again, but this is her first appointment with your agency, and she told me frankly that she was not yet ready to make it through. We sympathized but it’s pretty friendly on his side.

Mariana is cute and friendly, but pretty on the reserve and I wasn’t very excited about her. Less interesting than Julia, not sporty at all.

As for Natalya, it was a more than pleasant appointment, and I am very sensitive to its Slavic charm. She’s bubbly, we exchanged well, it was nice to spend time with me. She’s just as beautiful as in the pictures. She suggested that I go for a walk in the park on Friday, when the weather is nice. She skates, she goes fishing. She does a lot of nice things for me.

To follow …


Kateryna, I met the other women, and I confirm that I have a very good contact with Natalya, after 3 meetings. Another woman I really like is Alla. I have only seen it once, but it seems to me that our interview was appreciated.

Tomorrow I tell you in detail