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FREDERIC, 48 (Isère, Rhone-Alpes) and VERONIKA, 32 (Kharkov)

Testimony on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women of the agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony on the meetings with beautiful Ukrainian women of the agency In the Heart of the East

Coming from France with a selection expertly prepared with Kateryna, I finally meet the first people. Eugenya: Charming person, very mysterious, and open to dialogue. Natalya: Very beautiful fortysomething, charming and very open, with a charming enchanter, and a charming dress very sexy. Oxana: Very beautiful fascinating and spiritual woman, I am dazzled by her knowledge …

of the world. She speaks perfect English, and we share perhaps the best exchange of all these encounters. Ludmila: A woman of the world, adorned with all these seductive attributes, but who doesn’t seem to be looking for Love. But here’s the one that upset me.

Véronika: The long-awaited appointment, because it was with her that my exchanges of letters were particularly serious and powerful. Besides, it was not me who chose Véronika at the base, it was Kateryna who suggested her profile to me and I was right to accept this valuable advice. After a few months of e-mail exchanges, we finally meet, and the current is immediately passed. Veronika and her big eyes, I’m just fascinated.

We had told ourselves during our correspondence that through the eyes we would know whether this meeting would have a continuation or not. It seems that yes, the eyes have spoken, feelings have exchanged, and we are beginning to discover each other to get to know each other better.

A beautiful woman, deep eyes, and sensible questions of woman. Véronika, doctor of psychology, and specialized in lie detection, we do not deceive her, we respect her. We measure ourselves at the bowling alley, and the evening ends with some good desserts, wines, and good music.

We meet the next day, she makes me discover her Kharkov, Ukrainian specialties, beautiful places, we escape for a day, pool, spa, sauna. Evening continues with a great meal Ukrainian speciality, in a small chalet, very typical.

Then the next day, we meet, for a walk in one of the city’s parks, followed, by an evening, one-on-one, in a very original super restaurant, downtown.

And so it is the rest of the week, and finally we have to leave, me back to France, leaving Veronica, to Kharkov. With the firm intention of seeing each other again as soon as possible, our next meeting has been scheduled, for The New Year.

Since our meeting in Kharkov in December, we have been able to meet again 1 week in Barcelona, for the new year, and then I went back to see her in Kharkov, to get to know her family, and to talk seriously about her move to France. We intend to build our future together.