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Franck’s opinion on his Ukrainian meetings in Kharkiv post-covid (travel at the beginning of August 2020, following 4 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello kateryna,

I liked my stay a lot, I rarely do so many restaurants in such a short time, I tried to send a message to Oksana, but it is failed to send, maybe it blocked the correspondent, I try today with Viber, but it does not matter.

Otherwise on the 3rd, I agree that Alina is the closest to my expectations, physically and by the ease of our exchanges I find her nice, Elina last night is a beautiful woman but I think it will not work, I did not have the same complicity.

Thanks for Jacques’ phone number. We are from the same region, we will keep in touch!


I agree, I did not want to write it but Élina is sophisticated for me, for Alina yes I would like to see her again to continue our knowledge if she is too interested

It’s true, you insisted, it would have been a shame not to meet an interesting and sincere woman like her, but I assure you I’m not desperate, the women I like in France at the moment do not like me, so meet a woman who I like and to whom I like in Ukraine, to you why not why not , I can stay alone again, I have my daughters.

But at 2 is better,

Thank you for your insistence.


The weekend of recovery of the trip has passed, I think I will have to resume my correspondence, for Oksana, I always expect a word from her at least out of politeness on her part. Otherwise on the 3 ladies you made me meet, only Alina could be the one that follows me best, but I will digest my trip to Kharkov, I liked Ukraine, now that I know how to prepare for this trip, the meetings, I will be ready on the second trip, time to match, maybe I will return in October. You have done the best I can, I will follow your advice a little more in the future.

I wish you a good day.

Kindly, Frank