Emmanuel’s impressions of his post-covid meeting trip to Kharkiv (travel at the beginning of August 2020, following 3 months of correspondence)

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My trip went very well. No control of the Covid test during my stopover in Minsk. Control of the Covid test and Covid insurance at Ukrainian customs in Kharkov. Everything went well, but I wasn’t worried. I knew that if there was a problem, Andrei, who was waiting for me in the airport lobby, could be in an area.


I’ve put Anna, Lilya, Oksana and Elena before. I have a crush on Oksana. But I like Elena very much, too. Anna is very interesting too, but I don’t know if she likes me. I will call the interpenette to ask for his opinion. Only with Lilya, who was too reserved, the contact did not pass.


Hello for info Katerina I see Oksana tomorrow at 2pm without interpreter for the afternoon and maybe the evening, and I see Ekaterina at 6pm Wednesday night. I thought about it last night and I think it’s best that I honor the gold date with Natalia so as not to mess with you, and I’ll call Ekaterina to cancel.


I had a great time and put some very interesting women.

Oksana especially touched me and she was very attentive. Indeed it is very beautiful even better than in the pictures.

I put Natalya yesterday, so as not to cancel this appointment out of politeness. She’s fine, but the conversation quickly became sterile. Surely, Oksana is already in my heart…


I see Oksana tomorrow and she introduces me to a friend, I think she wants a notice from an outsider. She still asked me if I didn’t mind. She told me she was going to take me to a beautiful place.

She wanted to introduce me to her daughter as well, but she works all day. When she wrote to me that she wanted to introduce me to a friend, I realized that it was rather a good sign for the future of our relationship.


We spent the day together with Oksana, we visited the eco park you had spoken to me about. She took me to buy memories and tea for my mother. She asked me to send her a message when I arrived in Minsk.

She took me to a mall to buy memories for my sounds.

At the time of saying goodbye it was charged with emotion.

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