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Femininity and seduction: the differences between Ukrainian and French women

Differences between Ukrainian and French women - au Coeur de l'Est
Differences between Ukrainian and French women - au Coeur de l'Est

Arriving in Ukraine, Russia, or another country of the former USSR, foreigners are immediately struck by the number of beautiful women on the subway and in the streets – they are dressed as if they were going to an event of great importance or a social festival. Patent leather pumps, full make-up, very elegant and feminine outfits, even early in the morning.

Foreigners are also surprised to see often a banal man, and not very elegant, leading a beauty under his arm, a woman who would be seen parading on a podium.

Slavic women like to be feminine and attractive. A Russian and Ukrainian woman wants to be beautiful not only to attract the attention of men, but also for herself. It’s cultural.

Slavic woman: beautiful, feminine and elegant above all

Just as eastern men are spoiled by their wives, Western women are spoiled by their men. The image constantly encountered in Europe (through the eyes of Russians and Ukrainians): a charming and sporty man is accompanied by an ordinary woman, not at all feminine, or even older than him.

In the West, such daily presentation efforts by Slavic women are devoted only to special celebrations. Western women would not have enough time to spend an hour or several hours every day preparing; femininity is less important to them than to eastern women.

Eastern women: traditional and family values, including femininity

Of course, in general, Russian women are naturally beautiful and retain their beauty, fine size and attractiveness for a long time. They may well afford to rest on their laurels and pay less attention to their appearance.

Of course not! Feminism has never been through Eastern Europe, and it is not ready to invade it!

Being feminine and attractive does not prevent Slavic women from being excellent mothers, to build their careers, or to shine through their general culture, the level of which will surely surprise you.