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Fabrice (meeting trip to Kharkov at the end of January 2020, following 3 weeks of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

I come back to you to give you my impressions in the middle of your stay.

When I arrived, the interpreter Lilya showed up and picked me up.

This one immediately took me into account and took me to the apartment that was meant for me.

Moreover, this interpreter, in addition to her great command of the French language, was very professional and took her free time to introduce me to a part of Kharkov. What I really enjoyed.

The apartment on arrival was very nice, spacious, clean and of very good quality. I have everything we can need. It is very well located and if you need something you can quickly find a solution to our problem (store, clothes, change, restaurants, gym, subway,…). That is more than enough for what we are here to do.

Regarding the meetings:

On Friday, I saw Julia:

– I confirm that she is of very high opinion of her, and thinks deserves better … However, we have decided to see each other again, and perhaps I would change my impression. In any case, I enjoyed my exchange with her, she was smiling, jovial, interesting, interested, and in my age category, … So I’m going to go deeper and see it again if we find a date.


– Alena: I really enjoyed my exchange with her. Happy, simple, does not take himself seriously, funny, interested, … Unfortunately, I have to be sincere, physically I did not find it to my liking. This is not my one and only criterion, and I am not looking for perfection, but someone who pleases me a minimum.

So I don’t think I’ll see her again.

– Daria: She makes a good living: she has her travel agency that works well.

I like his good humour and joie de vivre very much, I just hope that our characters can be heard. She looks a little hyperactive and over-excited. And I’m afraid I don’t please him on a daily basis being quiet in nature. But I don’t mind,

I have to see her again tomorrow in the presence of the interpreter Yarina.

– Lada: Very friendly, pleasant, interesting and mature for her age. But no compatibility between us. We’re not going to try to see each other again.


– Natalia: I didn’t feel his superficial side and I appreciated his character, his good humor and his simplicity. I found it interesting but just like Alena I don’t think I physically like it. So I don’t think I’ll see her again.

– Alena: Nice and certainly full of quality but really too young for me. I wanted to try the meeting despite the age difference but this one is really too obvious with it. She’s a child compared to me (without taking me for a superior person)

So I wouldn’t see her again.


– I have to see Daria again and meet Anna for the first time

That’s it, I think I’ve been frank and sincere in my impressions. Overall, nothing to say about the organization. I am waiting to see if I would like to make a meeting possible in the next few days …

Good reception

Have a nice day

Kind regards