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FABIEN, 37 years old (Baerenthal, Lorraine) and OLESYA, 32 (Kharkov) – seen on NRG12 (The Great Stories)

Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East

Hello my name is Fabien. I would like to share with everyone my experience with “In the Heart of the East”. Indeed, I must admit that I was a little on the reserve and wondered what a woman there could bring me more than a woman from here and especially that here I had no problem meeting a girl, but adventure in adventure, disappointment in disappointments …

I must admit that a big ras-le-bol settled in me compared to the meetings I could make at home!

That’s why I just decided to try the experiment for the Eastern countries, and it was while searching the Internet that I came across this site, and my first contact to Katerina was superb, because I discovered in her a real desire to form real couples and that, I think it’s great, she’s a woman with heart and a lot of understanding , who also guided me in my choices, but also explained to me how eastern women work with cultural differences.

His advice was of great help and especially useful throughout my work and my stay there. In addition, a huge choice on the site to no longer know who to choose!
And for that, I would like to first say thank you to Katerina, who knew how to understand me and above all knew how to make a perfect pre-selection for me!!

Well, imagine that once there, I quickly realized that the women there had many values other than at home in France!!! Yes, they still have true values of the words “being in a couple,” “respecting each other” … above all they are interested in the people in front of them!!

Honestly, I was really touched by the people I met there. All my meetings in Kharkov were different but very interesting, I even learned a lot about myself, I must admit! In any case, all were charming and extremely kind, especially up to my expectations!

For my part, Katerina told me: Fabien, you will meet, among other things, Olesya, you will see, I’m sure it will be your blow of heart! Katerina, I can never say thank you enough because, wow, it even exceeded everything I could imagine in life, because simply my meeting with Olesya was a revelation for me!!

A woman more than beautiful, intelligent, kind…. perfect in my eyes, but especially perfect for my heart, a real love at first sight! The most magical thing is that this attraction was reciprocal!

In any case, I finally live a full happiness, and thanks to In the Heart of the East, I know for the first time in my life what “loving” means, and this is all the more magical when this feeling is reciprocal!!

You can believe me, Olesya is a woman who really cares about me and not the material side, like many women in France! For those who doubt, do not doubt, let yourself be tempted, trust, because it is worth seeing and living!!

I can only thank Katerina and the Eastern CSur for the work provided for me, my expectations, the organization, thank the people of Kharkov for the welcome, everything was perfect!!!

Long live LOVE!!!


Fabien’s meetings took place under the cameras of NRJ12 and was the subject of a report “The great stories. They help us find love”