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Diary of a Canadian in Kharkiv (Sylvain’s journey in early February 2021, after 2.5 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Bonjour Kateryna

I arrived last night from Montreal. The planes are quite empty, but there are still people traveling. I wasn’t even asked for the PCR test, whether it was at the stopover in Istanbul or Kharkov, just my insurance. On the other hand, when I return to Canada, I will have to go to the hotel chosen for the government for 3 days for quarantine.

The apartment is great. Last night Lilya showed me the neighborhood and the restaurant you advised me. I have spent a very good time, I am lucky to have it just down the side of my building.

This morning Ludmila and Yarina called me to confirm my appointments again. I’ll start my meetings in an hour. You say I’m crazy to meet 11 women, but I know what I want and I see right away if the feeling passes or not. Ten years ago I came to Kharkov through another agency, and I regretted meeting only 4 women.

I’m sure this time everything’s going to be better. I’m going to shower and make myself beautiful for my first date with Valentina. I’ll let you know!


Canadian’s logbook in Kharkov: Day 1

After the first day, I met Valentina and Elena


Very nice meeting. She is very kind, charming, smiling, intelligent, mature,… I liked her and also interpreted her 🙂 She knows what she wants and has asked a lot of questions. I felt she was really interested in who I am and what I want and we talked a lot (her English is really good). It is also curious but in a good way. This is going to sound a little presumptuous on my part, but I think he really likes me. So I took her phone number and she agreed to give it to me and I invited her to have breakfast with me Thursday morning (09:00) without an interpreter.


She asked me very few questions, she didn’t seem to be very interested in getting to know me better and although I asked several questions, she answered without really giving more information about her… Anyway, she did not make me want to see her again and it’s a shame but I will not follow up.

Otherwise, everything is fine at the apartment and I am reassured to see that it is always so difficult to get a taxi in Kharkov during rush hour … like what, there are things that do not change



Canadian’s logbook in Kharkov: Day 2

Hello Kateryna,

On my 2nd day of meeting, I met Tatiana and Julia. Unfortunately, I was supposed to meet Natalya around noon but she cancelled the appointment that morning, explaining that she was sick… It’s a shame and I hope she will get better quickly but I don’t know if I’ll have time to see her again when she feels better in a few days.


A nice meeting. She is exactly how I imagined her through the many letters she sent me. She is beautiful, natural, intelligent, kind, smiling, fun, with a good sense of humor and very motivated to see me again. Unpretentious on my part, I think he likes me very much and in fact, it is only the continuity of our letters because already at a distance, we really liked each other very much. I took her phone number and invited her to eat without an interpreter and she immediately agreed. It’s to follow


Julia is a pretty woman but I wonder about her values. She seems very attached to traditional values but at the same time dreams of a life of travel and adventure… There is an inconsistency between what she says and what she really wants. The fact that she lived outside Ukraine for several years can have an impact on her vision of life and the couple. I will see her again to better understand what she wants but I have reservations.

The restaurants are still as good and cheap and Shevchenko Park is still as beautiful as ever. Everything is fine except that I’m a little off-kilter with the jet lag but everything will be in order in 24 to 48 hours



Canadian’s logbook in Kharkov: Day 3

Hello Kateryna,

The 3rd day of the meeting was quieter… if I can express myself so I met Valentina a 2nd time for breakfast then Irina for lunch and then Tatiana for a second appointment for the evening meal.


I’m glad I saw him for a second date because I was able to get a better opinion about her. She is very beautiful and has many qualities that a man can look for in a woman. On the other hand, I realized that his life choices are incompatable with mine. Let me explain. I wanted to dig into the children’s subject with her and she explained that her ex-husband would not allow her to leave with her daughter just during the school holidays and summer holidays. So I asked her if she was ready to leave Ukraine without her daughter and she said yes. I was a little surprised by the answer and she told me that she was planning to take her daughter 2 to 3 times a year to her future husband’s country and that she herself planned to return to Ukraine a few weeks a year outside of school holidays to see her… I respect his choice and maybe a man could accept this situation but not me. I need a woman “full-time” and not part-time and to travel her daughter several times a year from Ukraine to Canada is difficult for an 8-year-old girl and in addition, it comes at a cost… Honestly, I am not convinced that I want to live this and I hardly understand that Valentina does not realize that it is not very appropriate to impose this life on a child. In addition, there are a few other things that bothered me but I will tell you about it in person. After this second appointment, I think about what I’m going to do next…


A very nice meeting. A beautiful woman, courageous, smiling, intelligent, calm… She has many qualities that a man can look for and I would like to see her again. On the other hand, her job as a nurse is very demanding and we’ll see how I can see her again because she doesn’t speak English at all. Ludmila will help me.


I really like Tatiana very much. This second appointment only confirmed the first to know that she is a beautiful woman. She is very natural, smiling with a very good sense of humor… I really like her personality and I’m going to see her again for another date. She really has a lot of qualities that I’m looking for and I know she really likes me… so we’ll see what happens next but it’s off to a good start

Tomorrow is another day with 3 appointments and I am very excited to meet Elena, Elina and Olga

I’ll let you know about my next adventures…



Canadian’s logbook in Kharkov: Day 4

Hello Kateryna,

The 4th day of meeting was very interesting I met Alyona, Elina and Olga.


A very nice meeting. She left Kiev that morning to meet me in Kharkov at lunchtime and left for Kiev that evening. I learned that she lives in Kiev and not Kharkov. It doesn’t make any difference to me but it changes my plans if I want to see her for a second date.

As for Alyona, she’s superb… values as well as physically. We share the same values and priorities in life and I think she really appreciated me because she agreed to see me again on Kiev. Ludmila (my interpreter) had warned me that she was a really good woman but I didn’t imagine at this point.

So I’m going to go see her in Kiev to spend at least a day with her because I need to know her better in order to make me a better opinion. Ludmila offered to help me facilitate my travel and make an appointment with her.


A nice meeting. A pretty woman, smiling, intelligent, calm… She has many qualities that a man can look for but I did not feel a strong desire to see her again but it has nothing to do with her personal qualities.


One of my least beautiful encounters She is not a woman I want to see again. She didn’t seem to be very interested in me and didn’t ask a single question about me during the whole meal time. Maybe I didn’t interest her, but in any case, I don’t want to see her again.

Today (Saturday, February 06), I meet Ekaterina and I am very excited about this meeting and I have planned to see Tatiana again for a 3rd meeting tonight.

I’ll let you know about my next adventures…



Good morning

Indeed, I’m even surprised that I like it so much. I’m confident that I’m going to find happiness with my beautiful Ukrainian because even though I don’t know yet who I’m going to make my life with, I do know who I won’t do it with.

To sum up, there are 2 women so far with whom I really want to continue the discovery, it is Tatiana and Alyona. They’re both great and I want to get to know them better. There is also Irina who is a really good woman that I will most certainly see again but she hardly speaks English.

See you again



Canadian’s logbook in Kharkov: Day 5

Hello Kateryna,

The 5th day of the meeting was quiet because I only metEkaterina but it was a very nice meeting.

Ekaterina and I had already connected well at the level of letters and the meeting between us only confirmed the mutual interest.

I’m about to join her this Sunday to spend the day with her and I’ll find out more about my emotions after that day.

I saw Tatiana again last night because we had dinner together and we’re spent erever. She is a really good woman and my choice will be difficult but I still have a week to unravel my emotions so I do not panic and I enjoy every moment with these wonderful women but “in all goodness all honor” because we can confirm that I act like a true gentleman with all the women I met … and they deserve it because they’re really good

Today Sunday, February 7, I meet tonight around 6:00 p.m., the last woman on the list and this is Nataliya.

I’ll let you know what’s going on

Good Sunday


I’d like to go to Kiev to see Alyona but I don’t know yet… I have a very good understanding with Tatiana and I spent the day with Ekaterina. I have 2 beautiful women who are interested in me so I’ll see by tomorrow or the day after.

I am convinced that I will make a good choice… I ask God to help me and direct me to the right woman.

I’m waiting for Lilya because I have my last appointment tonight.

Everything’s fine and I’ll call you tomorrow to let you know and give you my new phone number.


Everything’s fine. Today is my birthday so I take the time to respond to all the messages I receive 🙂

I’m seeing now that Tatiana. She has all the qualities I’m looking for.


Hello Kateryna. I’m stuck in Kharkov. The plane was cancelled, and I had to change the ticket. I’m going to have to travel on Wednesday. So my vacation is a few days.

God is surprising and has a plan for everyone. Maybe mine is in Ukraine :).

Tatiana’s coming for me:)

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