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David (meeting trip to Kharkov, end of February 2019, following 1 month of correspondence)

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Know that my trip went very well. I feel like I’m getting closer to my origins, it reminds me a lot of my trip to Krakow in Poland. I had an excellent welcome and I immediately felt confidence Svetlana was of exemplary kindness and already to all my confidence and gratitude. The apartment is perfect.

Everything is going well, Kharkiv is a modern city with beautiful bars and brewery I don’t teach you anything. I discovered a city where I would love to come back again and again. The appointments have been chained at high speed and it’s perfect as well. Today Sunday I had time to take stock of this experience of my life.

Yana is indeed the only woman who has managed to get my attention, she impressed me, who would not be in my place. Here is a caring woman who assumes, intelligent, elegant a very very beautiful woman, who knows what she wants. I don’t know if you know feeling like having put an inaccessible person feels like having put someone who can cost on you to improve and make you become a better person. Alone, we’re not much. I have always had in my life beautiful woman besides I love beautiful woman and I am also a realistic man I do not think to be the man she is looking for even this compatible person. For my part I think I’m looking for a woman even younger than Yana all this is confused in my head. I will be happy to see her again before I leave if she obviously wishes.

You understand that a man needs to feel useful because many of us are afraid of intelligent women and this is a mistake of ours by.

Now I have to meet Marina tomorrow at 8:00. She is as you know the person who caught my attention the most during the selection, I’m afraid of not being up to it or that she has already made the choice for another man, needless to delve deeper into the subject.

I am also very pleased with the seriousness of your agency this confirms that I made the right decision by contacting you.