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Cedric’s return on his post-covid meeting trip to Kharkiv (travel in early August 2020, following 3 months of correspondence)

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Hello Kateryna. I got to Kharkov. Control of the French PCR test made 72 before the trip and Covid insurance – everything went well, without any complications. I am well settled at my apartment which is very nice. I am amazed at the amount of green space in Kharkov. I can’t wait to discover this beautiful city and my correspondents!


Thank you again for your help. I am very pleasantly surprised by so much interest in me. And the quality of management of my appointments on site. It’s a great pleasure to have put all these beautiful and interesting women.

As you know, I especially liked three women: Ekaterina, Tatiana and Evgenia. And that I hesitate between two now. I have a heavy heart to make this choice which is very difficult.

I liked Evgenia too, and even it was my favorite by mail. But I thought, after seeing the three women again, that she was perhaps less ready to start the family than Ekaterina and Tatiana. It’s normal, she’s younger…


After a week in Kharkov, I still can’t make the final decision. For me Ekaterina and Tatiana are my favorites for different reasons. I like them differently. I hope that time will help make me the choice.


I’ve arrived in France. I was not asked about the tests.

Arrived in Geneva. No control!


I admit it’s complicated now with distance! Right now I’m talking to both of them. I like both very much. Ekaterina is very present and we write a lot. Tatiana prefers to be called than to write. I’m moving slowly :).