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CEDRIC, 44 (Grenoble) and JULIA, 27 (Kharkov)

Testimony meets Ukrainian and Russian women of the agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony meets Ukrainian and Russian women of the agency In the Heart of the East

Some time ago, I saw two television reports about “those French” going to Ukraine in the hope of finding the Soul Sister. It was KATERYNA’s “In the Heart of the East” agency. Divorced for 10 years, and after a long period of hesitation, I thought: Why not me? So I dialled the number of the agency Au Coeur de l’Est, with my heart beating at 100 an hour; the phone comes off and it’s the beginning of the adventure…

Kateryna asks me why I’m doing this, my deep motivations. Despite computer problems on my side, we fill out the file.

The problem for Kateryna is that she doesn’t know that I’m the adventurer who only has her head. After viewing the candidates’ profiles, I decide to select only one, ELENA; to KATERYNA’s great despair. We exchange an enriching correspondence for 3 months and then I decide to go to Kharkov. The meeting will be quick and a mortal boredom, without any exchange, hardly a hello. I was talking more with my interpreter than with ELENA….. In short, a real fiasco.

Back in France, I get back in touch with Kateryna who gives me a well-deserved soap. Being the kind not to give up, I try my luck this time with 5 candidates of my choice, plus one I had noticed but not selected, JULIA, which Kateryna suggests to me by telling me that it could work between us 2.

After 2 months of more or less interesting correspondence with all these ladies, I fly again to Kharkov. The first appointments are scheduled for the next day. Sunday noon my meeting is cordial but without motivation. The conversation is basic, FOTINA my young interpreter (very professional) also realizes this, and we shorten this meeting.

In the late afternoon, I have an appointment with ELENA my second interpreter, and JULIA. This one greets me with a big smile…. good omen I hope. Julia chose the place where we go to dine. The meal is more than cordial, the atmosphere is a laugh; magic works…….!!!!! ELENA the interpreter can no longer keep up. At the end of this long evening and knowing that I have other meetings to honor, I ask JULIA to continue the adventure with her, which she accepts spontaneously, having felt throughout the meal that the feeling was there. My other appointments will be pure formality, courteous but unwilling to follow through, my thoughts going to only one person. I wanted to continue the meetings out of respect for the candidates even though I knew it wouldn’t go any further.

Afterwards, I came back to Kharkov again, and JULIA was able to come to France several times. We had a great time together. It was magical…!!!

KATERYNA was right, it was this person who suited me, and vis versa. Now all we have to do is let the time go and see how far this will take us……

In conclusion, gentlemen of the possible future candidates, do not hesitate to try the adventure of UKRAINE, it is a beautiful and enriching experience. On the other hand do not do like me, follow the advice of KATERYNA from the beginning, you will not regret it.

Big thanks to KATERYNA