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Beware of scams from dating sites

Meet carefully selected members - matrimonial agency "In the Heart of the East"
Meet carefully selected members - matrimonial agency "In the Heart of the East"

Professional male and female scammers use photos of beautiful Slavic women to match by email or chat with naïve men in search of true love. By registering on impersonal dating sites, without the responsible intermediary or the contract, these men pay online for each message/photo/translation, and spend months exchanging with “photos” of beautiful women without realizing that it is not these women who write to them….

These scammers can “heat” a naïve customer with enticing photos and then ask him for money by Western Union for “the sick mother”. They can also ask for money for the plane ticket to supposedly come and visit him in Europe, and disappear once the warrant is received… If the man wants to come and see his “virtual lover” in his eastern country, chances are no one will wait for him at the airport….

Video “cat” dating sites hire young women whose job it is to talk to clients online. The longer they keep the customer online, the more the customer pays, the higher the commission of the “chatter” … Of course, the client will never meet these young women in real life…..

Our matrimonial agency “Inthe Heart of the East” is responsible for the organization of the links. Our clients sign a membership agreement, and make the trip to Kharkov (Ukraine) to meet 5-6 carefully selected members with reciprocal agreement after 1-2 months of correspondence, or without prior correspondence. Virtual relationships do not exist here. Ukraine is not that far away, and there is no substitute for real encounters.