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Alexis (two-week meeting trip to Kharkov in early September 2019, after one month’s correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

The first appointments went well.

With Irina, the appointment was very nice. She’s interested.

With Olga it’s a surprise. A date where we laughed a lot, she has a lot of humor and a lot of things connect us. She’s interested.

With Elena nothing happened.

With Larisa very nice evening which is over late. Nice discovery too, but harder to know if she’s interested. She didn’t give me her phone number, I have to go through Julie to make an appointment.

That’s the feeling of the first appointments.

Good Sunday.

Kind regards



Good evening Kateryna,

I am in daily contact with Irina, her work in the hospital and my appointments have complicated a second appointment. Normally next week according to his message tonight. It starts at 07:00 in the morning and lives far from the city centre.

I didn’t really like Alla, although she’s a good person.

Natalya is very busy, I write to her every day. The university takes up a lot of its time. I’d like to see her again, my date I liked very much.

I’ve seen Olga twice before. A real treat. Always smiling, intelligent, sweet. We have a lot in common and every appointment confirms that.

I’m seeing Tatyana again on Friday night. I’ve seen him once before. Some difficulty of understanding, but very nice evening with her.

With Larissa, I think it didn’t work. The only thing she claims are pictures of her that I had taken at the restaurant.

Last appointment Saturday 21 with Natalya.

Staying tuned to you.

Kind regards



The two weeks went very well, the meetings were very friendly, relaxed and warm. I met Tayana, Irina, Larysa and Olga again. I didn’t have a day without a meeting.
The women I didn’t have a hook with are Natalya, Elena and Olla.
Tatayana confessed to me that I am not interested in me. Natalya ended up not responding to my messages (which does not surprise me, during the appointment she explained that she was interested in the United States or a major capital).
I continue to correspond with Olga, Irina and Larysa, all three are interested.
Olga made it clear to me that she has feelings for me and it is reciprocal.
Well cordially,