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ALEXANDRE, 32 years old (the Vendée, Loire Country) and ANNA, 28 (Kharkov)

Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East
Testimony of meeting with pretty Ukrainian and Russian girls of the marriage agency In the Heart of the East

Several years ago, I wanted to try the experience of meeting Slavic women. After a few disappointments in love the idea of meeting women from the east, came back to me in the lead. So I met Kateryna and we started the selection of candidates. It was not easy because you have to know that I am an animal enthusiast and I have many at home including 2 snakes. Together we have drawn up a list of women to whom I could please and after a month of correspondence I left for the first time in Kharkov.

I was very well received by Alliona who was in charge of my accommodation and she helped me a lot during my stay. The appointments followed and the interpreters were all very professional and very friendly. The problem is that I didn’t go in the right frame of mind. Fresh from my last relationship, I had only one idea in mind: to be with someone again.

This stupid idea made me do the stupid thing to focus on one woman and abandon another woman who seemed to be interested in me. I received a large bucket of ice water in my face when it turned out that she did not feel the same way about me. I returned disappointed and hurt by this experience, but delighted with my stay in Kharkov and with the firm intention of returning. I also managed to stay in touch with this other woman, but in a friendly way.

As soon as I got back, we made a new selection with Kateryna. I corresponded with five women, but it took me four months to return to Kharkov. This time, my priority was to visit the city and I approached each appointment in a very casual way. However, when I saw Anna get out of the taxi, fortunately I was wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes because I was dazzled !!!!!!

We immediately enjoyed ourselves and very quickly felt comfortable together. The appointment was magical and our interpreter Julia was very professional but above all human. Anna knew her and insisted that she come and not another, because she too had been marked by my profile and our correspondences and wanted to have someone trusted with her for translations. We spent the rest of the day together and it was unforgettable. In the evening we parted with regret, but immediately agreed to another appointment.

I met the other correspondents, as expected, before seeing Anna again, including the girl with whom I had stayed in contact since my first stay, and despite my best efforts to give them all a real chance, it was impossible for me not to think of Anna.

Afterwards, Anna and I stayed together all week and she introduced me to Kharkov. Very quickly we also did without the services of the interpreter because it was no longer necessary to use words to understand us. I also had the opportunity to meet her son and we introduced our respective mothers via Skype.

It should be noted that Anna’s mother has been married since last September with another client of the agency Au Coeur de l’Est. My future parents-in-law:) Jacques and Angélika live in Marseille and are very happy.

This stay was amazing, finally I found a woman with whom I can be myself and who loves me for who I am and not just because she wanted to have a man by her side to do like everyone else. Since my return to France, not a day goes by without us talking on Skype or sending each other messages on Whatsapp.

She is scheduled to come to see me in a few weeks with her son and introduce me to the rest of her family the next time I visit her in Kharkov. I often speak by Skype with his mother’s French husband, who has already gone through what I am going through now (the agency, the trip to Kharkov, the suite in France…). We are very fusional with Anna and attached to each other and I sincerely hope that our story will go far but it is up to us to write it 😉

There will always be bad languages to tell you not to register in this kind of agency but if you really want to, then don’t listen to them and keep your mind open because with a little luck and Kateryna’s advice, you too will experience what I experienced in Kharkov with Anna, and what I live today at least that’s all I wish you.