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Youssouf (meeting trip to Kharkov in mid-August 2019, following 2 months of correspondence)

Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East
Testimony stay of | meetings In the Heart of the East

Hello Kateryna,

I wanted to say that my stay in Kharkov changed my life! After walking for miles in Kharkov’s long alleys, I’ve been doing a lot more physical exercise since then! 🙂 In terms of relationships, however, there has been no change and I think we will have to reset the counters

So I made 5 meetings, here are my impressions:


I had just arrived, a little tired and dressed as a tourist after my suitcase stayed in Poland…

Despite this and my reserve, it was perhaps the best meeting for me. The appointment went pretty well. She was the one who put in the most effort at the meeting. But she was too tired to go for a walk together after dinner, then too busy to see each other again. It was a shame, but it was also revealing. Later she confirmed by saying consider me as a possible friend, and not as the man of her life so… But told me after not being closed to the idea of seeing each other again


Very friendly and smiling, but the impression that she considered our appointment as a meeting between girlfriends with the translator. Was only looking at the translator when she spoke. When I was looking for her, just a polite smile. I think she especially liked France through me more than anything else, but I think our personalities were a little too different anyway. We agreed to meet at night, and then said she wanted to buy a book in bookstores. Finally I learn the next day that she was not so interested in meeting us


I admit to thinking about her often from the beginning, I do not know why, and it seems to continue … The 1st appointment went quite well, she remained very smiling and very affable throughout. We agreed to meet two days later at the park, but it didn’t go much less. Has multiplied the objections and declined all approaches. Also, I think she speaks a minimum Of English but no effort to speak it. If the life she prefers is to play with the feelings of others for a few tens of euros … I hope I’m wrong about her, but only she knows her true intentions


Rdv very friendly, but I felt that our personalities were more compatible for a friendly relationship than for anything else. In trying to see the long term, I did not see any possibility of a peaceful relationship in the long term.


It’s a mystery. The appointment seems to have gone well when we did not know each other at all. She is very smiling, friendly and curious. She tells me that if she doesn’t like a date, she doesn’t stay more than half an hour and we stayed about 2:30. She says she wants to see me again in the evening, after work and then no news, neither in the evening nor the next day. I send her a message to say goodbye, and she doesn’t answer me until 2 days later… Revealing again. But honestly, I don’t see us as a couple, even though I’m absolutely not against 🙂

So in the end, I didn’t feel any of the women I met really motivated or sincere to continue something with me.

I’m going to send you a new list of girls to start a possible match with. And if you have any, I’m open to your suggestions. And if you have an opinion or advice following my impressions and feedback, I’m also open to it.

Kind regards