Meet Valentina, photo of beautiful Russian woman
  • Name :
  • Meeting ID :
  • Age :
  • Date of birth :
  • Zodiac sign :
  • Hair color :
    light brown
  • Eyes color :
  • Height :
  • Weight :
  • Education :
  • Residence :
  • Profession :
    Sales Manager
  • Languages :
    English basics
  • Smoker :
  • Family situation :
  • Children :
    a girl, November 21, 2010; one girl, January 7, 2012; a boy, March 12, 2016
  • Description :

    Actually, it’s hard to describe me right away. I can say what qualities I am proud of. First, I am a non-confrontational person. I consider that to be my strong side. Secondly, I like to make new acquaintances, which is why I also communicate. At the same time I’m happy, I’m easy to make laugh. I have a very good sense of humor. I consider that humour helps to live many situations in life. At the same time, I’m determined. I like to set goals and achieve them. In addition, I am very patient, which is not unimportant.
    I like to get to know new things. I like to travel. Discovering new cultures is really important to me. I like to meet new people, try new things. I like active and passive rest. I love sports. I like to keep myself in shape. For example, I like to swim. I go to the pool and the gym too. I especially like fitness workouts. Plus I like to go to nature too. I like to spend my time at the water’s edge and on the beach.

  • I am looking for :
    I am looking for a decent man with qualities such as loyalty and virility. I want it to be decisive and determined as well. He must be able to take responsibility for my life. He has to be honest with me and serious about the long-term goals. He must also have good traits such as kindness and self-confidence. Optimism and a sense of humour are also welcome. The man of my dreams should also be enterprising. I think it's important for a man to be able to treat this woman like a queen sometimes.