Meet Tatyana, photo of beautiful mature Russian woman
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    Regional Director
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    good English, French and Italian basics
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    I am a beautiful mature Ukrainian woman, I have an optimistic temperament and a lot of femininity. Every day is precious and it’s an exciting adventure, because I live the moment regardless of the circumstances! I am balanced, mature, gentle, kind and loyal. I have a big generous heart, full of deep love and attention. I am socially active and I have many friends who always know that they can count on my support. I understand that a family is a team and that every member of the team must do their part for the family to succeed and for everyone to be happy. I am not afraid of change and personal growth. I am romantic, tender, passionate and I always do my best to give everything to my life partner.

    I really like being active. I love mountains and skiing. I’m going to the gym and the pool. I really like yoga. I have a passion for travel, mainly to warm the places, the beauty of nature and the beauty of architecture. I’m thirsty for knowledge. I like to learn and develop. I finished astrology school and once a week I have practical lessons so I don’t lose my qualification. I have completed numerology courses and am interested in psychology. I have a passion for learning languages. I read a lot Nature feeds my soul with unlimited energy. I love being outdoors in the fresh air – parks/walks/walks/cyclists. I like to cook and try new foods

  • I am looking for :
    I am looking for a heart that is hungry for love like mine. I will always give you my attention and affection. I will always encourage you to grow as a person and become the best person possible. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but together we can support each other and encourage each other to achieve great things. I will always support your dreams and aspirations. I have a positive attitude to the challenge of living abroad and that doesn't scare me. If you share my views and ideas, it would be nice to be able to hold hands and go through life with you.