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  • Date of birth :
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  • Education :
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  • Profession :
    German teacher
  • Languages :
    good German
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  • Family situation :
  • Children :
    Daughter, February 14, 2000
  • Description :

    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman, I get to know each other easily and I make friends. I like happy parties with friends. I love when laughter can be heard, it’s nice to feel needed in the circle of people I care about. I try to think well of people, there are more strong sides than weak sides in each person, it is necessary to be able to distinguish them. I’m easy going and active. I do not like to sit still, I can spontaneously buy plane tickets and already tomorrow I walk in another city or country. I like to dance a lot. I regularly take salsa dance classes. I train both individually and as a group. I like to read. I read different literatures: classical and pedagogical, I read a lot in German, I am constantly looking for new interesting German textbooks to make my courses more interesting for my students. I walk around my hometown with pleasure in my spare time, I visit different modern art exhibitions, I like to go to the movies to watch the latest films.

  • I am looking for :
    My man is strong and responsible. He can make decisions and accept my decisions. Can be surprised and may surprise. Loves stability and comfort in life. The man who can be determined, decisive and caring. Will be able to become a respected and loved husband. The main qualities that I appreciate in a man are the will, cordiality and responsibility of the family.