Meet Marina, photo of beautiful Ukrainian woman
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  • Date of birth :
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  • Hair color :
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  • Education :
    Higher education
  • Residence :
  • Profession :
    manager of a printing plant
  • Languages :
    English basics
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  • Family situation :
  • Children :
    a son, 15.01.1999; a son, 16.06.2003
  • Description :

    I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman reasonable and poised, I have acquired this quality over the years, after all the circumstances of life. My last trait is emotionality. Sometimes this can be considered a disadvantage, but it is a considerable advantage more often than not. People, who communicate with me, always understand how I treat them, hypocrisy and try to be loved by everyone, it’s not mine. I am a mother of two boys, but first I am a woman and I always try to find time for my little wife’s joys. I try to keep optimism in all situations, I am sincerely sure that a sense of humor is one of the main human qualities. My weekends can be different, depending on my mood with which I woke up (smile). In most cases, I spend my free time with my sons. We’re going to the park, we’re going to the movies (we love family comedies), the zoo is one of the favorite places to visit. I like to meet my friends over a cup of coffee, a female business may be needed. Sometimes I feel like I only need to dedicate this day to myself. Then I go to the beauty salon or for a massage session, a little of the joys of the women raises the mood. I am passionate about knitting, I sew images and decorate them in frames – this hobby calms a lot and helps to organize thoughts.

  • I am looking for :
    For me, there are two main qualities that I appreciate in a man: a sense of humor and an interest in life in all its forms. I dream of seeing a like-minded person, a lover and the best friend of my future choice. If we have common interests, it's wonderful! I want my man to be able to express the care of me. I want to make it clear that in my understanding of care, the demonstration is not just about flowers and gifts, but first of all, they attract attention and perceive me as a fragile woman who needs a strong man. I do not expect a fairy tale prince, my ideal is the man ready to give his love. In return, I will surround it with tenderness and do everything in my power to make our covenant happy.