Meet Irina, photo of beautiful Russian woman
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    superior medical
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    English basics
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    I can say about myself that I consider myself kind, romantic, hardworking, compassionate, sincere, friendly, open to people and new things in life. I’m flexible and if something doesn’t go as planned, I’m never angry. I always look at the good things in life and not the bad things that can happen to me. I like to dream because the dream is a hope for better things. This helps to overcome the difficulties of our daily routine. I can add that I am responsible, objective, punctual and loyal. In relationships, I am absolutely faithful, trustworthy and confident, caring and feminine.

    I try to live to the fullest and enjoy every moment of lying. I actively participate in social life and attend various events. I go to the theatre, the cinema, the exhibitions, the creative master classes, to have a picnic with friends. I love meeting my friends for a cup of coffee and having a good time together. I like to cook and care for my friends. Travelling is a hobby and an inspiration in life. Yoga gives me peace of mind and a fit body. I also go to the pool and the gym. I like to ride my bike in the summer and skate in the winter. I like to dance a lot too. Sometimes I like to stay at home under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee or herbal tea and read a good book or watch a movie.

  • I am looking for :
    I am a humble and family oriented woman who wants to be the first and second best friend a love for my life partner. I want to give him the same respect and loyalty I can give him. My future partner is a real man with a strong personality. He is a true gentleman, a true friend, a caring husband and a passionate lover. I imagine my future husband as a kind, sincere, faithful, intelligent, confident, caring and well-humoured man. He wants to share my interests as well as I will share his own. In relationships, he is very passionate, tender and romantic. I am thinking of a family of an entity where all members breathe in unison.